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The advantages and disadvantages of ABC customer classification – europuppyblog

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  1. ABC customer classification is the method and benefit of the customer classification management method.
    1. The customer base is divided into three categories: key customers (Class A customers), major customers (Class B customers), and ordinary customers (Class C customers), namely ABC customer classification method. For customers in different categories, different management methods should be adopted and scientific and dynamic classification management mechanisms should be established.
    2. All departments must increase their attention to customers and find ways to retain customers to obtain the motivation to achieve sustainable development. Improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise to meet the changes in customer needs; take scientific technical means to deal with the relationship between enterprises and customers to improve and maintain higher customer share. Really identify the differences in the value of customer profit, and then adopt effective management. 3. Do not have a large pot of rice or inverted service resources in the allocation of service resources, that is, to treat all customers, so that important customers do not get more services. Apply on the blade. 3. Effective differences must be performed on the customers they own, and customers of different values ​​are distinguished based on this difference, and configuration is more reasonable to realize the synchronization of customer resource value and corporate investment returns. 4. Statistically analyze the existing customer information every month, and find many customer groups with the same or similar aspects. To distinguish customers with different values ​​in order to effectively allocate sales, markets and service resources, and consolidate the relationship between enterprises with key customers. 5. Classified according to customer value every month, find the most valuable customers, that is, key customers, divide the customer group into key customers (Class A customers), major customers (Class B customers), ordinary customers (C type customers) category. The benefits of the customer classification management law: 1. According to the distribution of the customer level, the customer care items that are supported by the customer’s value are planned, and different marketing strategies are formulated for the needs of different customer bases, consumer behavior, expectations, and credibility, and allocate configuration. Different market sales, services and management resources, regular visits and greetings of key customers to ensure the satisfaction of key customers, so as to stimulate potential customers to upgrade to the top layer, so that companies will create more when maintaining costs without changing costs. More value and benefits. 2. For key customers (the top gold medal customers in the pyramid) are the top 5%of customers who spend the most in the past. This type of customer is a high -quality core customer base for the enterprise. Because they operate steadily, do things, good reputation, and contribute to the company the most, it can bring long -term stable income to enterprises. Satisfaction of customers. 3. Marketing staff (or customer representatives) should always contact and visit regularly to provide them with the fastest and thoughtful services and enjoy the greatest benefit. Marketing supervisors should also visit them regularly. 4. Pay close attention to other abnormal trends such as the industry trend of this type of customer, corporate personnel changes. 5. Priority should be given to the complaints and complaints of Class A customers. 6. Class C customers contribute to the company’s completion of the economic indicators, and should control the service input in this regard. In accordance with the principles of convenience and timely, it should provide them with popular basic services, or focus on excavating the potential tomorrow with the potential tomorrow. On the star, it was promoted to Class B and even C -type customers as soon as possible. Sales (or customer representatives) personnel should keep in touch with these customers and let them know that when they need help, the enterprise will always extend a helping hand. 7. Establishing a scientific dynamic classification management mechanism A, B, and C, three types of customers, the proportion of corporate customers should be determined according to the specific situation, scientifically analyzes customer information, and formulates a comprehensive set of customer credit evaluation standards. Through the investigation and analysis of customer credit, determine the customer’s credit level, provide reference opinions for different customers to allocate service resources, and prevent risk of arrears. It is convenient to use the CRM management system to manage.

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