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  1. With the rise of various groups, the group has become increasingly important, so we must correctly manage WeChat groups correctly and efficiently. Group Announcement@, etc., the specific content is as follows:
    1, the main group and the group members maintain close communication
    It 30 minutes online every day. This requirement is not high. Take a lunch break and meal, except for the general understanding of the topic. You can also focus on the topic and doubts of some group friends. No one cares, you can reply appropriately.
    2. Regular group announcements@所有
    The WeChat group must engage in some activities regularly, and issue announcements@所有, which can actively activate the group, so that members in the group can also participate.
    3. Discover and maintain opinion leaders
    In addition to the circle of friends and daily group chats, you can also discover experts from all walks of life in the group through the Weibo and Zhihu account number of group members. The analysis and excavation of group members engaged in industry, preferences, and specialties can improve the quality of operation.
    4. Drive the topic of the topic of group chat in the direction of harmonious and friendship
    First of all, we must clearly understand the theme and positioning of the group. For example, your own WeChat group is about various consumption. The topic is about everything about buying and buying: online shopping, eating, drinking, food, food, food, housing, medical treatment, etc.
    Once the group chat is not on these themes for 2 hours, it is necessary to guide appropriately. For example, share information related to themes and interrupt chat.
    of course, in order to ensure harmonious and friendly, the most basic group rules cannot be less: no advertisements, no tickets, no taxi and takeaway links, and no penny red envelopes.
    5, online and offline activities, cooperation and sharing and finishing
    online activities, mostly theme sharing and discussions like “Zhihu Live”. The group administrators do a good job of publicity and coordinate communication with shareders. These tasks are not difficult to learn. As long as they participate in some mature online sharing activities, it is easy to copy and imitate.

    The precautions:

    1. When managing WeChat groups, you must pay close attention to those members who are abusing, because some people enter the group, maybe they want to use their own groups Propaganda, so they will send some advertisements in the group. For these, they must be stopped in time.
    2, in addition, it is strictly forbidden to send some political sensitive topics in the group, which is not conducive to managing WeChat groups. The owner is best to explain in the announcement, or join the group regulations.

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