3 thoughts on “What recruitment channels are the best for recruitment this year?”

  1. First: traditional offline channels. Talent market, labor market, offline job fair, paper media recruitment advertisement, etc. Such channels are suitable for labor -intensive enterprises, with large age groups and are not familiar with mobile information media.
    : Network recruitment channels. In today’s information globalization, online recruitment has also become an important channel for recruiting talents in various companies.
    third: Headhunter recruitment. In addition to cooperating with offline headhunters, there are many forms of online headhunting.
    : Campus recruitment. Many companies now love campus recruitment more and more. The advantages are obvious: zero cost, large people. However, there are many shortcomings, with fierce competition and big choices. The effect of simply setting up stalls is not obvious. It should be noted a few points: First of all, the time of campus recruitment should choose to enter the school: Students generally take the civil servant to test the graduate students before coming out to find a job, so if you catch these time points, the traffic is not large. Secondly, do a good job of publicity in advance. Do not expect the recruitment message to send it to the enrollment and employment office. If you are not a famous state -owned enterprise, it is estimated that there are not a few people. Therefore, first go to the opposite courtyard to communicate with the counselor. In addition, if you have conditions, you can engage in preaching in the department. There are too many school -level, and the amount of information on students may not be concerned about your news. The one -to -one publicity effect in the department is better.
    Fifth: The focus is on the channel hunting channel. Excellent talents will be snatched within 7 working days on the market. Therefore, since everyone’s “orthodox” recruitment channel resources are basically fair, then we have to take a different approach, such as finding HR in the industry in the same industry. Resume, after all, the recruitment needs of each company are different, and they can also go deep into some professional forums or professional learning organizations. The talent groups with your professional skills are there.
    The sixth: new media recruitment form. Whenever it can be used as a marketing channel, it can be used as a recruitment channel, because recruitment is marketing. The key is to find your target candidate group.

  2. Recruitment fairs, school recruitment, 58 city, BOSS direct hire, Zhilian recruitment, these channels are very good, and they can also recruit various talents to meet the company’s employment needs.

  3. You can recruit online, you can use school recruitment, you can go to the official website for recruitment, you can use the relevant recruitment platform, you can also recruit through the society, or you can go to a professional place to call talents.

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