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  1. Legal analysis: First, no information or links that are not related to work shall not be published.
    The notice and announcement issued in the WeChat work group. Relevant responsible persons should sign the receipt in time (prohibited to set the work group as exempt from disturbing). The signing is deemed to be delivered, which has the same effect as the information released by the traditional form.
    three is to actively spread positive energy and promote the main theme. It is strictly forbidden to publish or forward the basic routes that violate the party, distort the party’s policies, or other articles with serious political issues, and strictly prohibit the discussion of the central government policy or disseminating negative information.
    Fourth, it is forbidden to publish information with institutional and overwhelming, and shall not publish secret information and small news.
    Five is to pay attention to the civilization of the language. It is strictly forbidden to attack each other, quarrel, and trouble in the group, let alone a personal attack.
    If, it is strictly forbidden to use the work group to conduct private chat and expose personal privacy.
    Seven is the real -name system of WeChat work group (group business cards must be modified to their own real names). Without the consent of the owner or administrator, they must not pull people into the group without authorization.
    The legal basis: The Code of the People’s Republic of China
    It 1032 Nature people have the right to privacy. Any organization or individual shall infringe on the privacy of others in the methods of stabbing, invasion, leakage, and openness. Privacy is a privacy, private space, private activities, and private information that natural persons are not willing to know.
    It thousands of 303 except for the law or the right of rights, any organization or individual may implement the following behaviors:
    (1) phone, SMS, instant messaging tools, electronics, electronics, electronics, electronics Mails, leaflets, etc. invade the private life of others;
    (2) Private space such as entering, shooting, peeping at the houses of others, hotel rooms, etc. Private activities;
    (4) Shooting and peeping at the private parts of others’ bodies;
    (5) processing the private information of others;
    (6) infringe on the privacy of others in other ways.
    It 1034 Personal information of natural persons is protected by law. Personal information can be recorded in electronics or other methods that can be used alone or with other information to identify various information of specific natural persons, including the name of natural persons, birthdays, ID numbers, biometric information, address, telephone number, email, health, health Information, travel information, etc. Private information in personal information applications apply to regulations on privacy; if there is no provisions, the provisions of the protection of personal information are applied.

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