The consumer group is the industry of college students

Just think how much you say, just give me your appetite

5 thoughts on “The consumer group is the industry of college students”

  1. I just graduated from college, and we should be regarded as a college park. I feel that the shops near the university are hot as long as some characteristics are hot. The most important thing is to eat and play. Those delicious restaurants, as well as Internet cafes, billiard rooms, bars, barber shops. The business is good. The barbecue stalls at night are also particularly hot, except for summer vacation and winter vacation. The main thing is the money of college students. It is also good to open a price -affordable hotel, because I feel very deep, and the better hotel is too expensive to open. Almost because the hotel is not very good. It is recommended to open a affordable and comfortable hotel, it must be full! There is also a recommended restaurant with special features, moderate prices, and good environment. For example, the restaurant “Interesting”, he is almost full every day in our hometown, you can check it online. Because this restaurant has a good environment and many types of eating, there are Chinese and western food. There are also claypot rice, and the pot is really delicious. You can eat it alone, or you can go together. Consumption is not expensive. After all, like a better steak shop, not everyone consumes it. It is purely my own thoughts, and I think about it.

  2. Clothing, IT, electronic products
    The college students pursue quality of these consumption, do not care much about price
    It are catering, books, printing copies, gifts, and so on.

  3. Low -cheap things are better, clothing, stationery, books, and relatively cheap markets should be
    or printing, because college students will do banner if they have activities, posters, copy data if there are exams, in fact, it is quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite. Make money
    or a coffee shop that can brush the night near the school is also good

  4. Small investment: 1, clean and hygienic fast food restaurant. 2. Mobile Unicom Telecom (the new number demand is relatively large, high commission). 3. You can choose to open a supermarket. 4. You can choose a tone shop. 5. Multi -brand cosmetics shop. 6. Fruit shop.
    Great investment: 1. Internet cafes. 2. Hotel. 3. KTV. 4. Book.
    The industry can actually do a lot of industries, but specifically depending on the supporting facilities, geographical location, and students’ consumption level around the school. I have done the business of students for several years and feel that it is not an ideal place for young people to start a business. It is possible to choose from the most dull and stable life.

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