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  1. Everyone knows that the real estate industry is really prosperous now. People who do real estate in the early years have already made great fortunes, so this has driven the development of the building materials industry. Let’s take a look!
    The building materials industry is mainly to sell various components, or floor bricks, wall stickers, etc. As long as you buy a house, you have to need it, so most people also see these business opportunities and add more to the building materials industry. If you want to be invincible in fierce competition, we must let customers understand the types of products and the latest situation they update in faster cases.
    The latest promotional situation is a problem that building materials industry pays attention to the building materials industry. Nowadays, traditional marketing promotion models can no longer meet the fierce competition today, and the cost of other models is too high. Who can give priority to priority? Whoever chooses information transmission mode has an additional chance of winning.
    The mobile phone SMS marketing model in the building materials industry can be sent to new and old customers to discount information about stores, or information about the store full of stores. It can also issue some new store opening activities, promotion text messages, and some markets. Investigation, etc.
    When the new store is opened, you can publish some promotional text messages to the owners of all sizes to promote the brand’s brand and improve some popularity, such as “Sorry, let you wait for a long time, some tiles, and the opening of the installation opening of the installation opening. , Multiple gifts, a variety of brands, meet you in this large market, of course, you can prefer it, the machine must not be lost and will not come again! “Such attractive words can make customers want to consider Woolen cloth.
    has the advantage of grasping the promotion of new products when listing. At this time, promoting new and old customers can increase the popularity of the store, and give customers a good shop with a new impression. Marketing SMS, for example, “Now, the latest kitchen artifact is hotly launched! Adopt imported body and unique connection process, which can ensure that all components are closely combined. You don’t have to worry about quality problems at all. You can enjoy with this text message to enjoy. Fifty discounts are limited to a certain day to a certain day, hurry up! “Similar text messages, timely recipients do not need to be might, and then notify relatives and friends, the passenger flow comes again.

  2. Public Relations Resources Network is honored to answer you:

    1, SEM bidding ranking.
    is very burning, the keyword bid, click to pay? Including Baidu bidding, 360 bidding and Sogou.
    2, online alliance advertisement.
    Website alliance, collectively known as SEM.
    3, portal advertisement.
    mainly refers to Tencent, Netease, Sina, and Sohu.
    4, WeChat, private domain flow.
    WeChat advertising has integrated multiple resources such as friends circle, public account, and applet. The number of users is huge. At present, there is a video number.
    5, information flow advertisement.
    For example, the news client, on the app, appears on the browsing list in the form of content links, and click to jump to the advertising landing page.
    6, video patch.
    It is mainly long video platforms such as Youku iQiyi Tencent. Advertising advertisements appearing before and when paused.
    7, soft text advertisement.
    In the form of graphic, published on central media, commercial media or portal media to publicize the business information of the enterprise and implant it soft.
    8, e -commerce advertisement.
    Im advertisements that customers have launched within e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, etc. to obtain a large number of product exposure.
    9, Q

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