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  1. As we all know, the construction materials industry is a very important material industry in China. Building materials include metal, minerals, inorganic non -metal materials, etc., and are widely used in the construction industry. China is the world’s largest consumer -producing country in the world. Its building materials products such as: flat glass, stone, cement, wall materials and other building materials have stabilized the world’s first in the world for many years.

    Shang Shanghai, as the largest port city and financial center in China, the local construction materials industry is even more “leader” in the country. What about this situation? Below, the editor of Tuba Rabbit will analyze and analyze it.
    The building materials industry in Shanghai in the 1970s, and developed rapidly in the 1980s, steadily mature. Since the advancement of Chinese technology, Shanghai’s construction materials industry has risen rapidly. A new stage of development. The building materials are all new. Whether in terms of varieties, quantities, quality, and performance, especially in recent years, energy conservation awareness has continued to deeply root the hearts of the people, and products have continued to develop energy conservation and emission reduction, low -carbon environmental protection. As a result, the energy consumption of building and building materials in Shanghai decreased by year and one year, and many new types of environmental protection building materials have been developed, which is very different from traditional building materials materials. Among them, “energy saving and low -carbon and durable performance” is its biggest feature. It can be seen that Shanghai’s construction materials have really taken the path of sustainable development.

    In recent years, the building materials industry in Shanghai has developed significantly. The output alone is amazing. In 2006, the new material used for the wall reached nearly 400 billion yuan The standard accounts for 46 % of the country’s total, and its application scope has also expanded. The technical level is also the leading country. It has also established energy -saving houses in Shanghai, saving 1.8 billion square meters of land and 1.8 million mu. The world’s attention has made the world’s attention, which directly drives the production value growth of the national building materials industry, and has made great contributions to China’s economic growth.

    In 2004, the state has made macro -control on China’s construction materials industry. In terms of building materials “kingdom”, it is not much. In general, the production and sales of building building materials in Shanghai are still growing steadily, and the economic environment and market environment are still considerable. It can be said that the prospects of the Shanghai building materials market are as broad as ever.

    . After editing: The introduction of the basic situation of the building and building materials industry in Shanghai is here. The advantage, if you have friends who are interested in building materials, you can dig deeper yourself!

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