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  1. Different groups of face characters have different techniques
    1, leader: Framemaker and correler
    Duties: Group -faced leaders, responsible for the overall process of hosting the group, must arrange team roles if necessary.
    Requirements: gas field, logic, summary induction, typesetting decision -making
    Evaluation: either beautiful, dying ugly
    R n Opportunity coefficient: ★★★★★

    2, timer: Process controller
    Duties: Responsible for arranging the rhythm of the group according to the total interview time, not only time, but must be on the topic of running. Students with strict control; easy to miss the discussion results because of attention and discussion; easily transition to Leader; if the group discuss timeout, then the chance of death is close to 100%. If the discussion results are OK, the hope is great.
    Requirements: firm personality, gas field, time concept, fast notebook ability
    Evaluation: I personally think that a relatively safer role, and it is easy to transition to Leader
    Dangerous coefficient: ★★★
    Opportunity coefficient: ★★★★

    3, recorder: People who have discussed the record group
    Responsibilities: Responsible for the discussion results of the group, to the shorthand notes Capability and logical thinking ability requirements are high
    requirements: shorthand ability, logical thinking
    evaluation: records, may not be able to join the group discussion; The rate is almost 100%.
    The risk coefficient: ★★★★
    Opportunity coefficient: ★★★★

    4, reporter: The statement of the group discussion results
    responsibilities : The overall situation is outstanding, and the context of the group’s discussion can be grasped in a short period of time; requirements: self -confidence, logical thinking, overall situation view
    Evaluation: The logical thinking must be clear when statement. :
    The risk coefficient: ★★★★★
    Opportunity coefficient: ★★★★★

    5, Member: Other group members
    The group members are all, and they need to put forward a constructive point of view, and allow the interviewer to notice that you are the proposed of this view;
    Requirements: innovative thinking, summary induction, logical thinking
    Evaluation: Don’t talk nonsense If you fail to say the point, it is a waste of opportunity and time. Next time you want to say it, it is difficult to add difficulty

    The above, we can draw:
    (1) The most cost -effective role is: Timer
    (2) Leader and Reporter are very risky, and the opportunities are very large
    (3) RECORDER and Reporter, Timer and Leader characters are easy to convert
    Is to answer from the public account circle, there are more job search guidelines and internship information, recommendation ~

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