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How to deal with the group noodles in the interview – europuppyblog

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  1. I have participated in more than ten games, and I hope to analyze the group from my own perspective.
    The answers are slightly longer, talk about the following points: First, the general type introduction of the group, the role of group face three, how to stand out in the group
    . My understanding, as far as campus recruitment is concerned, the four major and fast -moving consumer are used most in groups. One is because it can largely save time and human resources costs, and the other is because a person’s performance in the group face Although the performance of the upper and single -sided sides is consistent, after all, it is 20 minutes after a group, and it takes an hour and a half. The group faces can reflect a performance of a person in the team (6-10 people), and can reflect your communication ability, response ability, coordination, and leadership. Having.
    Because the goal of finding a job by myself is fast -moving MKT, all the MOCKs I have participated in the group noodles are also aimed at fast -moving consumer MKT. Other industries and positions do not talk about it. Communicating.
    The group noodles of the fast -moving MKT:
    1. “Desert Island Survival” category
    The classic “deserted island survival” has evolved. The rough topic means that 10 people have been trapped on a desert island. What are the 60 -year -old doctors, 30 -year -old pregnant women, 20 -year -old college students, etc., now you are killed on the desert island to save them, but the plane is Every time you can only carry one person to leave the desert island, how do you arrange the order of the rescue of these people. I love to manage this kind of topic called [Main Security]. Take this topic, there are many factors you have to consider. These people’s age, identity, the cost of rescue them, how much value can be created for the society, how long the physical strength can be on the desert island. It is a factors to be considered, but how to divide these factors and make a reasonable sorting is the key to doing this group. Similar questions are: [Now you are the head of a community neighborhood committee. Now the citizens have brought 10 proposals. What kind of road should be repaired? Greening should be done. You can only report to the government departments, which three you should choose, these are all rotten group questions! A slight deformation question with a little commercial color will be: [A company now wants to launch a product with a certain characteristics. Now there are three candidates from Zhang Fei, Jia Baoyu, and Tang Seng. Please choose one of them from these three. As a spokesperson for this product. ] This is what you have to consider, select the spokesperson, and consider the characteristics of the spokesperson itself, the characteristics of the product, the company’s image, the characteristics of the spokesperson, and the degree of compliance with the company. When these conditions cannot be met at the same time, how to distinguish it clearly Master and second, get an optimal answer.
    2.case interview
    case interview is basically a form of interviews that are more characterized by consulting and fast -moving consumer. Take the United States I have faced, for example, Unilever’s case is 20 pages of English materials. In general, it is to design a new PLAN listing. First of all, give you a lot of raw material information, let you choose a raw material based on these (at this time you must consider the company’s image, product characteristics, raw material transportation costs, whether it is easy to save, nutritional value, consumer acceptance, etc. It ’s [Main Security] ~), and then use the material provided on -site to make Sample. Finally, you need to formulate Plan, which is listed on this product to predict the RISK that it may encounter in the future and give Solutions. Compared with [Main Topic], Case Interview requires the interviewer to have a strong business consciousness and professional maturity. Otherwise, you will be crazy when you see the material of 20 pages. At this time, you still need to catch [Master and Big] as a MKTER, what you should consider, what you can ignore, what you must read repeatedly, what can be read slightly, there is no here, no here, no here, no here, not here, not here. Talk in detail. Case Interview really inspects a person’s comprehensive ability in a relatively real business environment. Every time I finish a Case, I feel very exhausted.
    3. Other
    The others still have many, there are many other people, such as Johnson

  2. How to get group initiative, the process and methodology of the group face

    group noodles, also known as group fighting, also called the non -leadership group discussion. In the process of reaching an agreed opinion, everyone can contribute to the formation of the discussion results. This requires both our strong language expression and good logical thinking.
    Is we first came to the group process: the interviewer told rules, self -introduction, thinking cases, group discussions, summarizing statements, and interviewers’ questions.
    In I will share the small TIPS in the group process with you:
    The interviewer tells the rules, the rules are very simple, the autumn recruitment must be very well -trained and pure, please pay attention, you must listen to it, you must listen to it, you must listen to it. Clarify all the timelines finalized by the interviewer;
    In an environment with such a high pressure in the group, you only need to do a little, simple and clear, and let others remember you! Of course, at the same time, your team members will definitely be brief and clear, and let you remember them. So pay attention, remember that the name of the team members is very effective in the closure relationship in the group ~ Of course, how to highlight the highlights in the group of noodles and teach you a small TIPS, that is, you must put your own In the past, the industry was bound to the company as much as possible ~ Let the interviewer know that you have a certain enthusiasm for our company.
    The link of the case of thinking is very simple, quickly divide the level and logic of the case, mark it where you are familiar with and instantly have thoughts;
    The group discussion. A few roles in our face. However, please note that the reason why the group is favored by so many companies is because the essential characteristics of a person in the group will naturally be revealed in the face of pressure and cannot be hidden and covered. In this case, if the role is located in advance, you are wearing a handcuffs for yourself. And in case of the character selected by others, then the situation on the scene can be imagined ~
    The summary statement, the summary statement is generally selected to send a representative after the group discussion. After the result, in the group discussion, everyone must record a lot of ideas in the group. In the later stage of the group, the logical framework we need to use in the minds should be formed. And our final conclusion.
    Finally, summarize the statement of the post -interviewer to ask some questions, requiring candidate representatives or one of the members to answer it; the most difficult question is actually “who you think the worst performance of your group is the worst performance. ? “I will share a case with you. Before we came into contact with a group scene, there was a student in the group very enthusiastic, and everything had to be grabbed. As a result, half of the team members had not talked about it. The last interviewer asked questions. In the link, the interviewer asked: Do you think he is suitable for your leader? In fact, you don’t need to worry about this question. In other words, there is also a scale in the interviewer’s heart, so to be honest, it is the best answer.
    Since there is no restraint of the character, what should we do:
    First of all, speak more, and avoid weaknesses; one of the necessary conditions for any group faces is to speak The initiative of the group, express yourself, put forward rationalized and innovative suggestions. Then in the group, you are the brightest star. Last year we had a new classmate experience, but received a group notice from Pwa Yongdao. When the time was very urgent, the suggestion I gave her was to grab the first to grab the interview. The official left the first impression, and then recorded everyone’s ideas. Finally, he used his English advantage to summarize more in the later stage of the group, and then grab the opportunity of statement and use very fluent English to show the results of the group to the interviewer. In the end, the student also successfully got the Pacific offer. This case is a process of longing and avoiding weaknesses
    , the result is guided. Our purpose is to promote this group title to get a perfect solution, but no matter which group, someone will definitely have different opinions with you. Don’t be afraid, the word is a righteousness, and to express yourself. Of course It is indeed deadlocked, then you take the lead in concession to promote the promotion of the project and finally complete the successful completion. This is the expression of high emotional quotient.
    The process and methodology of the group are like this ~ I wish everyone, come on in the group ~

  3. First of all, whether it is group noodles or a single interview, you first do and pay attention to the following points:
    First of all, your own dress. Generally, the interview is generous and decent. If you want to get more impressions of the company, you can wear more attention to a suit.
    Secondly, talk. Regardless of the question or answer the interviewer during the interview. Speaking and talking are clear. Express the description clearly.
    The above two points need to be paid attention to. Of course, some basic preparations before the interview should be done well. (For example: personal resume, ride route, some basic understanding of enterprises, etc.).
    Even if you are a group, you have to calm your mindset yourself. Ask what you want to know. Remember that in the group, you are dressing and conversation and politeness. [The above is a personal point of view. .

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