1 thought on “How to collect WeChat groups to collect WeChat group receipts”

  1. 1. WeChat users turn on the mobile phone WeChat. Log in to personal WeChat account. Note that you must log in to personal accounts that need to initiate group receipts.

    2. After opening WeChat to complete the personal account login. The user clicks “I”-> “Pay” in turn. Click “Payment” to open the WeChat payment interface. Click the “receivable” function on the interface.

    3. After opening the WeChat receipt and payment function interface. Click the “group collection” function at the bottom of the function interface. After entering WeChat’s “group collection” function interface. Click the “Receiving Reception” option on the interface.

    4. Click “Initiative” and then jump to the group chat selection interface. Click on the selection interface to select group chats that need to initiate group collection.

    5. Click to select group chat and jump to the group collection setting interface. Set the total amount of group receipts on the interface. After completing the total amount settings, the system will automatically calculate the amount of each person spread below. After the user is determined to set the settings, click “Initiative” to complete the initiative.

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