1 thought on “How to operate WeChat group receipt”

  1. WeChat group collection method is as follows:
    mobile phone model: iPhone13.
    mobile phone system: iOS15.
    Software and version: WeChat 13.1.
    1. Open the mobile phone WeChat, click ” ” in the upper right corner of the page, five functional columns appear, and click the fourth “receipt payment” to enter the receiving payment page.
    2, the above of the payment page is the payment code. There are several functions such as the QR code receiving, appreciation code, and group receipt below. Received “.
    3. After clicking the collection, enter the selection page to select the group chat we want to collect. Click “Create a New Chat”, and then click “Select a Group” to enter the selection group chat page. This page shows all the group chats added.
    4. In the group receiving page, there are two types of payment methods: the total amount of the amount, the amount of the amount according to the person, click the dark small characters below the first column to switch these two methods.

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