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  1. Many drivers are registered for online taxis today, so that some drivers do not know how to join when registering. Usually, we need to choose a regular platform. Some users may choose to directly choose to drop the dripping dripping dripping. Drop out.
    01 is an example of Didi with Didi, informing users how to join the online car platform. Generally, after entering the Didi Chuxing Platform, we need to choose the corresponding city, and then we will see the vehicle conditions and the driver’s conditions. Once we are satisfied, we can register to join.
    02 After opening the corresponding page, you can choose reasonably according to your own situation. After choosing, you also need to check whether your car can join Didi Chuxing. After all the procedures are completed, we need to upload the identity of the owner’s identity. Permit pictures, driving licenses, pictures of driving licenses and vehicles.
    03 Generally, after the upload is up, start waiting for the review. After the review is successful, there will be a corresponding notice. Once you receive the notice, you can use Didi Chuxing for running orders.
    04 I have to say that Didi Chuxing was particularly hot before the accident. In addition, the income of the old users was very considerable. General users can register directly on the mobile phone program. There will be corresponding rewards.

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