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  1. 1. The vehicle is owned by an individual. The vehicle owner shall obtain the “Online Reservation Taxi Driver’s Certificate” and shall be engaged in online car -related service. The vehicle shall not be transferred and transferred to others to engage in online car management service activities.
    2. Drivers engaged in online car -related services in the main urban area shall apply to the acceptance agency designated by the city road transportation management agency;
    3. Members should apply to the county road transportation management agencies in the region.
    4. If you have a car alone, you have to hold a certificate. In accordance with qualified and qualified drivers, road transportation management agencies will issue the “Online Reservation Taxi Driver Certificate” for 6 years.
    5. Drivers with qualifications for cruise taxis have continuously engaged in operational services in the past three years, and the integrity assessment level has reached AAA grade and meets the requirements of relevant regulations. Directly issue the “Online Appointment Taxi Driver Certificate”.
    6. When the mileage of online car rental reaches 600,000 km, the driving mileage does not reach 600,000 km but the service life reaches 8 years.
    The expansion information:
    In 7 and below passenger cars registered in the city’s public security organs, and during the validity period of the vehicle inspection, there are no unsolvable traffic accidents and traffic violations;
    2. The nature of the vehicle is registered as the reservation passenger transport;
    3. It meets the latest motor vehicle emission standards implemented in this city, and the first registration date of the vehicle until the application of the online car is less than 2 years;
    4. Vehicles with gas engines are not less than 2.0 liters. Vehicles with supercharged engines have a displacement of not less than 1.8 liters and a wheelbase of more than 2700 mm. n5. Install the vehicle satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device that meets the relevant regulations of the country and the city, as well as driving record devices with solid storage, wireless transmission, and video monitoring functions inside and outside the car;
    6. Vehicle.技术性能符合运营安全相关标准要求;rn7.应当在指定位置设置电子运输证;rn8.车辆属个人所有的,车辆所有人应取得《网络预约出租汽车驾驶员证》,且There are no other cruise cars or online taxis under the name;
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia: Internet car ride

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