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  1. In 2012, the development of the plastic industry has introduced a series of stimulating economic plans and the top ten industrial revitalization plans. These will drive the needs and consumption of plastic production and push to promote the development of the plastic industry. The government has successively introduced various market rescue measures, including 4 trillion yuan of investment projects, and decorate ten measures to implement domestic demand, especially for accelerating the construction of affordable housing projects, accelerating the construction of rural infrastructure, accelerating railway roads and airports. Most projects such as facilities construction and accelerated urban power grid transformation will be applied to polyvinyl chloride plastic products. A number of industries such as automobiles, electronic information, and light industry that have been implemented have been introduced to adjust the planning and revitalization planning. It is also the use and consumer of Polyvinylene series plastic products, which will promote the development of the plastic industry. (Data source: National Bureau of Statistics) The distribution of the regional distribution of the plastic products industry in my country has increased to varying degrees of growth in various regions. Statistics analysis shows that in the past, provinces with relatively weak plastic processing industries such as Hunan, Hainan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places in the past In 2012, the output of plastic products has increased significantly, with an increase of more than 50%, but the unbalanced structure of the regional distribution has not changed much, the high energy consumption, the low processing technology content, and the labor -intensive product gradually flow to the underdeveloped regions.
    plastic products in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu totaling 1221.33 million tons, accounting for 55.5%of the country’s total output, Guangdong still accounts for 25%of the country, Zhejiang still accounts for 20%, Jiangsu accounts for 10.5% , Slightly declined, the overall pattern has not changed; Shandong Province, which is fourth, accounts for 7%; the output of Hebei, Henan, and Liaoning account for 5%, 4.7%, and 4.5%, respectively. It ranks 5, 6, and 7; Fujian, Anhui, and Shanghai account for 3.93%, 3.34%, and 2.82%, respectively, listed in 8, 9, and 10. (Data source: National Bureau of Statistics)
    Pevantage of various products is very obvious. The varieties of plastic products in various provinces focus on each province: Plastic rod pipes, plastic packaging boxes and containers, daily plastic products, other plastic products in Guangdong Province The production ranks first in the country; Zhejiang Province’s plastic film and plastic artificial revolution ranks first in the country; the output of foam plastics and plastic synthetic leather in Jiangsu Province is the number one in the country; The province’s agricultural film and plastic weaving products ranks first in the country.
    This research institutions in the Pwi Industry in China believe that plastic building materials and new packaging materials will become the main areas of plastic growth. Today, chemical building materials are called fourth -generation building materials after steel, wood and cement, and plastic building materials are the main components of chemical building materials. Plastic building materials mainly include plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, building waterproof materials, heat insulation materials, decorative decoration materials, etc. Plastic building materials are widely used in construction engineering, municipal engineering, and industrial construction. The real estate industry and construction industry are the pillar industries of my country’s national economy. Although the state’s attitude of supporting the healthy development of the housing industry has not changed due to the continuous introduction of relevant macro -control policies due to the rise of housing prices too fast, the management supports the healthy development of the housing industry; The strong demand for residents to improve housing conditions is still strong; the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo venues will also stimulate the demand for the development of the construction industry. In this case, the National Chemical Building Materials Leading Group has successively formulated and introduced some opinions, outlines and methods for the production and promotion of chemical building materials to provide policy guarantees for the stable development of plastic building materials. Chinese plastic building materials products have huge market space. Taking the plastic pipe market as an example, the plastic pipe market market share of developed countries is 50%, while China is only 25%. The demand for the domestic plastic pipeline market in the next 10 years will reach 800 billion yuan.

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