5 thoughts on “What kind of group is the medical representative in the eyes of the doctor?”

  1. People are actually the same. Doctors are not easy, and it is not easy to represent. Doctors do it seriously, and they can always be careless. It is also possible to get rich and noble. Although the little doctor often cries poorly, I actually think I still have to look at it in the long run. I can improve the medical skills and not forget the original intention. In the end, I can still give myself a decent life. The medical environment is really not good, and outsiders do not think that doctors will prescribe medicine when they take back the buckle. In fact, most doctors will benefit from the manufacturers, but most doctors also use medicine with conscience. The essence of business is the exchange of interests. I always feel understandable. But interests cannot be a key factor for doctors to choose medicine. It is not easy to do medicine. We are not actually pharmaceuticals, but we are working. Or is it called a professional manager? I hope that one day, it represents no longer as a courier nanker travel agency or driver. Instead, it can really provide services to doctors with services to solve problems. I also hope that doctors can accept this change and respect each other. If we can’t do some things, don’t embarrass us.

  2. The low -level pharmaceutical representatives are absolutely weak in front of the doctor, especially those who have just entered the industry. They come to the office all day long and talk to the office. They are unreasonable to talk to various small doctors. However, basically it was queued to meet with flopping of the harem. The relationship between senior pharmaceutical representatives (from district managers and the like) and the chief brothers can be called friends. Of course, the pharmac generation is still a weak side, but it is basically close to the relationship between each other. During the high school university, you can go out to meet what you meet with your father -in -law, buying tickets pick -up booking hotels, and talked with them a lot. There is still a scale with greed. I did n’t hear much to go to bed with the doctor. I only saw one of the strong counterattacks and the doctor who got married (it is said that the Chinese and Western regions would be more chaotic). (Here, the colors refer to the type of communication with small bees, which does not represent the bus.) The private hobbies of the key doctors in their hands are basically accurate to drink what kind of wine to sing and what nightclub.

  3. Friends worthy of respect, they bring the latest research materials and scientific research results to doctors! Take the doctors in small places to large places to study and train, and bring experts from large hospitals to small places to teach surgery! Without them, doctors from all over China have no exchanges. In return, doctors help sell their products!

  4. Anyway, most of the doctors, mostly, are mostly elite. The doctors of the large hospital are difficult to speak or even cold. Of course, a good -looking old -fashioned customer who has no temper must be annoyed by his peers every day. Think about what you feel when you receive the sales call. Besides, doctors still have every day. So many patients. Of course, doctors do not avoid the overall impression of individual dregs. Most doctors are ordinary people who have normal desires and adhere to the hidden rules under the environment. In other words, if it is not for this profession, there is no big difference between them and customers in other industries. There are different personality, different preferences, good names and good wines are fun. Or accept some gray things, I don’t feel what, as long as it is not just harming the interests of patients for gray, I understand it. After all, the environment is the case, why are they asking them to be a saint? Besides, in this industry, people who do not understand the gray part have left the industry. Is there no gray part in other industries? Don’t be too demanding. From the perspective of business work, not every doctor can get along with each other. Talking more like friends. If you ca n’t talk about it as a customer, you ca n’t take it. It can’t be developed and there is no loss.

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