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  1. I. The current situation and problems currently facing the tobacco industry
    From the current situation, the tobacco industry is under multiple pressures inside and outside, and in various contradictions inside. The development of the tobacco industry is facing five major challenges:
    1. The tobacco industry is controversial. Tobacco is a special industry. With the continuous development of society and economy, smoking and health problems will become more prominent. How to reduce the harm of smoking to health is an unavoidable contradiction. Due to a special monopoly system, tobacco, in the environment of continuous development and improvement of the market economy, how to effectively safeguard the national interests and consumer interests will inevitably attract widespread concern. In order to adapt to the rules of the WTO, the Tobacco Control Framework Convention Convention was effectively performed. In 2008, the tobacco industry revised the cigarette packaging logo in accordance with the “Regulations on the Instead of Cigarette Packaging Labels in the People’s Republic of China”. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has set off a new round of anti -smoke waves worldwide in the world. Since January 2011, my country will be in all indoor public places, indoor workplaces, public transport and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation and public transportation. Other possible outdoor public places are completely banned from smoking. Smoking is being legislated in public places. It can be said that comprehensive smoking ban in public places is the general trend, and the living environment of the tobacco industry will be even more severe.
    2. The impact of foreign cigarette giants. After my country’s joining the WTO (WTO), the internationalization trend of the domestic market will be further displayed, and the tobacco market will be further open. With the gradual decrease in tariffs of tobacco and related products and the gradual liberalization of national policies, foreign cigarettes and their related products Market competitiveness will be significantly enhanced. Foreign cigarette giants will infiltrate my country’s tobacco industry through the methods of participating in shares, mergers, and reorganizations. Due to the lag in my country’s tobacco industry, weak basic management, lack of talent resources, backward technical power, etc. It will directly face the stronger competition of the International Multinational Tobacco Group, and the living space will be further narrowed.
    3. The in -depth advancement of the reform of the industry system. With the establishment and continuous improvement of the socialist market economy system, the market situation facing the tobacco industry has undergone profound changes. At present, the overall reform of the monopoly industry has a negative impact on economic and social development, which is concerned by society: one is to cause the market’s unfair competition and restrict the role of market mechanism in improving efficiency; the other is to cause a huge gap in the industry The gap between the distribution of income; the third is the infringement of the well -being of the residents of the whole society; and the fourth is to affect the fairness and justice of society. Some experts point out that in order to form a consumer -led development method, it is necessary to break the monopoly. The most important of which is the configuration of state -owned resources. If state -owned resources are mainly allocated in the competition field and even showing a continuous expansion, it is difficult to start private investment. On May 13 this year, the State Council issued the “Several Opinions on Encouraging and Guiding the Healthy Development of Civil Investment” (referred to as “New 36 Articles”). , Municipal public utilities and policy housing construction, social undertakings, financial services, business circulation, national defense science and technology industry, participating in the reform of state -owned enterprises, etc., indicating that the country is gradually relaxing the entry threshold of the monopoly industry. The reform of the political system and the in -depth advancement of other aspects of reforms, the ice of the tobacco industry will eventually break.
    4. The rapid development of the tobacco industry. my country is a developing country. Tobacco, as a high -tax industry, has provided fiscal accumulation for national economic construction while meeting the demand for market demand. However, it also faces the gradual improvement of the socialist market economy system and the rapid development of the national economy. New requirements and new pressure put forward by the industry. The development of any industry has both peaks and valleys. With the stable development of my country’s socio -economic development, the adjustment and successful transformation of the industrial structure, the proportion and industrial status of taxation contributions in the tobacco industry will gradually decrease, coupled with the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle in the society, this is in total in cigarettes. In the case of a very small room for growth, it is difficult and stressful to maintain the long -term growth of tobacco taxes. Therefore, the high -speed development of the industry is not sustainable, and the industry’s monopoly position is facing challenges.
    5. There are many “shortcomings” inside the industry. The tobacco industry is the only industry in my country that implements a monopoly system nationwide. The establishment of the tobacco monopoly operating system has played a great role in promoting the development of the tobacco industry. However, it is undeniable that the establishment of this system is a product under specific historical conditions. It is also inevitable that it has the characteristics of the traditional planned economic system. Low operating benefits, etc., this not only plagues the formation of a unified market for tobacco in the country, but also affects the further development of the tobacco industry. At present, there are some deep -seated contradictions and problems in the industry: first, in the face of the severe situation, some tobacco employees’ sense of crisis and urgency are not strong, and market awareness, competition awareness, and service awareness are still relatively weak; second, the tobacco management system is urgent need Further improvement, the system of “unified leadership, vertical management, monopoly management” has not been really in place. Due to the drive of interests, the market is artificially divided into a number of territories, and the pattern of “large markets and large circulation” is far from forming; the third is that “scattered scattered The problems of chaos, low “and irregularities still exist. The corporate structure is scattered, the market order is chaotic, the technical level, management level and efficiency level are low, there is no order, there are no regulatory behaviors such as prohibition and regional blockade, and there is still a lot of irregular behaviors. The main obstacles to the development of the industry; the fourth is that the market purification rate and market control need to be further improved and strengthened. On the whole, the tobacco industry and scientific and technological innovation capabilities, market competition capabilities and ability to resist risks are relatively weak. The overall quality of the team is not high. This is a clear gap and huge pressure from the industry. The existence of these problems will inevitably affect the market economy and the international market.
    . The countermeasures and ways to enhance the competitiveness of the tobacco industry
    The discovery problem is to better analyze the problems, formulate countermeasures, solve problems, and work hard. Judging from the current situation and problems facing the tobacco industry, there are both objective factors and subjective reasons, but it is important that we must start with subjective factors, change the objective situation through subjective efforts, and improve the industry’s own competitiveness. The author believes that we must focus on the following aspects:
    1. Deepen the reform of the industry system and innovate management system and mechanism. Objectively speaking, after more than 20 years of development, the national tobacco monopoly system has been more consolidated. The management system of “unified leadership, vertical management, and monopoly management” has continued to improve, industry management and corporate management have gradually strengthened. Enhancement has laid a good foundation for the development of the industry. Due to various reasons, a overall cigarette market in the country has been artificially divided into several “territories”, and the system of “unified management, vertical leadership, and monopoly management” needs to be further improved.
    1 is the reorganization of the tobacco industry across regions. On the basis of the socialist market economy system, adhere to the national tobacco monopoly system, introduce market mechanisms and competition mechanisms, move backward management models, and cooperate with the State Administration of Taxation to start the reform of tobacco and taxation, destroy local sealing from the fiscal and taxation system The status quo of the vassal sections continuously reforms the internal and socialist market economy systems and the national tobacco monopoly system of the tobacco industry and tobacco companies, and truly implement the “big market, large circulation, and large network” operation. In accordance with the State Administration’s “Guiding Opinions on the Joint Reorganization of Cigarette Industry Cross -provincial”, we should actively promote the reform of market orientation with “deepening reforms, promoting reorganization, leaving the joint, and joint development”, and vigorously promote the joint reorganization of the cigarette industry. Solving outstanding problems such as a large number of brands, low structure, and small scale of the cigarette industry, which is conducive to promoting the reasonable flow of tobacco production element in a larger scale, and optimizing the efficiency of resource allocation; ; It is conducive to improving the market share of famous and excellent brands and the efficiency of corporate operations, and further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; it is conducive to the cultivation of the “more than two or ten” in the industry, achieve the strategic goals of industry reform and development, play the role of market resource allocation role Essence
    It is to establish a new management system for cigarette industry. Implement the management model of mother and subsidiaries of tobacco industry, straighten out the management relationship between parent and subsidiaries, standardize the management behavior of parent -child companies, improve the management system of parent -child company, and establish and scientific decision -making management and operation mechanisms, talent selection, appointment and removal management operating mechanism, asset supervision through the organizational structure of parent and subsidiaries. Management operation mechanisms, incentives and restraint management operation mechanisms, risk prevention management operating mechanisms, and information management operating mechanisms are effective to achieve effective asset supervision, the most optimized coordination effect, and maximizing investment income. At the same time, in the process of building a corporate corporation of cigarette industry enterprise companies, the relationship between the corporate legal person governance structure (board, supervisory committee, operation level) and the “third party committee, vocational congress, and trade union) were properly handled by , “Two skin” phenomenon of politics.
    three is to highlight the main position of the tobacco business market. Accelerate the market -oriented process under the monopoly system, improve the management model after the elimination of county -level companies’ legal person qualifications, play the basic role of the market in the allocation of resource allocation, initially establish a unified, open, competitive, and orderly cigarette market, give full play to the municipal company as the use The independent business advantages of the operating entity, strive to adapt to the reform of the system of parent and subsidiaries, strive to adapt to the new requirements of industry cigarette trading methods and plan management system reforms, and continuously improve market control and independent competitiveness. The fourth is to promote the reform of industry employment distribution system. As early as 2006, the National Bureau determined that Anhui, Zhejiang, Sichuan Provincial Bureau (company) and Sichuan -Chongqing and Hubei Zhongyan Industry Company used the pilot unit of the employment distribution system to comprehensively integrate human resources, innovate human resources management methods. Noodles, advance steadily. On February 22 this year, the State Administration held the tobacco industry to deepen the reform of the employment distribution system reform and telephone conference, and take the key to strengthening job management as the key to deepening employment distribution system reform. The requirements for compensation “to advance in the industry as a whole, strive to achieve more scientific job settings, more clear job responsibilities, more reasonable personnel configuration, selection and appointment and more fairness, strive to realize the transformation from identity management to job management, build a more harmonious labor relationship relationship This will play an active role in streaming in the industry’s internal employment relationships, standardized allocation behaviors, building harmonious tobacco, and mobilizing the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all employees.
    2. Build a network marketing system and strive to achieve the level of cigarettes. In combination with industry reality, the marketing network construction is placed in a prominent position, using information support and technological innovation guidance, improving the vitality, development, and competitiveness of cigarette marketing networks, and striving to achieve the strategic transformation from traditional business to modern circulation.
    1 is to strengthen the construction of marketing networks. In accordance with the requirements of the construction of cigarette marketing networks with “process optimization, strong regulation, orderly market order, and comprehensive function”, the relationship between the city network and the agricultural network is correctly handled, the relationship between the market share and the reasonable layout of the retail households, and enhanced market control The relationship between force and reducing the cost of network operation, the relationship between short -term goals and stable development, and the relationship between network quality and infrastructure, start with three aspects: unified market, unified network, and unified business process process to optimize resource allocation, improve network functions, speed up marketing, The construction of a network system and modern marketing system has established a cigarette sales network system that “covers urban and rural areas, is mainly me, manages me, and regulates by me” to comprehensively improve the level of network construction.
    It is to strengthen the standardization of logistics and distribution. Research business reorganization and business process optimization, optimize distribution lines and distribution cycles, reasonably invest in hardware construction, explore the integration of logistics and distribution resources in large areas, telephone visits and marketing resources, promote the integration In the larger range, effectively configuration and optimization combination, gradually realize the most effective logistics distribution efficiency, the optimal service, the minimum cost, and comprehensively realize the “process science, high -quality service, low -efficiency” of network operations.
    three is to strengthen customer relationship management. In accordance with the principles of “equality and mutual benefit, mutual trust and win -win, mutual law interaction, and common development”, the new customer relationship management model is explored. Adhere to the co -ownership of the brand, the market sharing, and the win -win situation of the customer, and choose an industrial enterprise that consistent with the market demand to establish a new strategic partnership; pay attention to the construction of consumer terminals, establish terminal customer files, e -commerce customer files, in -depth research, promote customer format classification Management, establishing a customer evaluation system, and implementing differentiated service management; centered on customer -centric, establish a customer relationship management system, complete the customer database, and provide data support for precision marketing of cigarettes.
    Fourth is to strengthen the cultivation of cigarette brands. Based on “interaction, mutual trust, and winning”, actively establish new types of industrial and commercial relations, and formulate a reasonable cooperation mechanism. Tobacco commercial enterprises create a fair and good market environment and space for industrial enterprises, especially the “Hundred Brands” manufacturers, to achieve Market resource sharing, market access barrier -free, cigarette brands jointly cultivate to prevent each other from fighting; focusing on the strategy of “big market, big brand, big enterprise”, according to the goal of the “532” development plan and sales revenue of cigarette brands “461” In combination with policy -oriented, geographical location, cigarette consumption habits, market acceptance and other factors, overcome institutional obstacles and restrict key backbone brands expansion factors, accelerate industrial reorganization and brand integration, re -plan the rational layout of the brand, and use the cultivation brand as the first priority. , Change the current status of the brand regionalization, cultivate a number of national -famous brands with a large scale, strong competitiveness and market coverage, reduce brand integration and replacement risks, and strive to solve the contradictions, brand structures and countries of market demand and supply. The contradiction of the “big market, big enterprise, big brand, big brand” strategy; carry out “organize the supply of supply according to customer orders” and industrial and commercial linked marketing work, adhere to market demand and customer demand, allow retail customers to choose the brand freely, forming tobacco industry and commerce enterprises Cigarette sales models that meet market demand and customer needs.
    Five is to strengthen information construction. Tobacco informatization should be closely combined with industry development strategies to meet the needs, promote development, and innovate services. Driven by the construction of the application system, the construction of digital tobacco that supports and drives the modernization of the industry, enhance the overall competitiveness of China’s tobacco; apply a new generation of generations; High -performance computer technology, high -credit network technology and network information security technology, construction of low -cost, multi -performance, high intelligence, secure and reliable industry data network environment. Establish an industry e -commerce system, electronic government affairs system and management decision -making system, use the informationization to drive the modernization of the tobacco industry, and provide basic guarantees for improving the core competitiveness of enterprises and the overall competitiveness of China to Tobacco, and promote the continuous and stable and coordinated health development of the industry. At the same time, based on informatization, on the basis of “telephone order, online delivery, electronic settlement, modern logistics” as the unified business model, it creatively carried out new business models such as “online ordering” and “retail franchise”. Rich cigarette marketing means.
    3. Strengthen the standardized construction of the market system and consolidate the maintenance of tobacco monopoly system.
    1 is to consolidate and improve the tobacco monopoly system. In -depth research on new methods and methods of monopoly propaganda, strengthen the promotion of new amendments to the special monopoly regulations, “two highs” judicial interpretation and counterfeit cigarette identification, illegal “three cigarettes” to the market’s harm, etc., and strive for social and consumers’ understanding of the tobacco department And support, jointly create a good operation and law enforcement environment; continue to strive for the support and cooperation of the legislative and law enforcement agencies and the government for monopoly management work, use potential to build a joint counterfeit mechanism, explore new ways to control groups, give play to government behavior management The role of the market.
    It is to strengthen the function of monopoly management. Strengthen the daily governance of the market, combine the market characteristics of different periods, regularly carry out cigarettes and fakes, market rectification special actions and cracking down on unlicensed cigarettes, railway road “bag teams” special struggle to maintain a high -pressure situation of fakes The focus of monopoly work is to focus on “chasing the source, the network, the dens, the anti -penetration, and the strong internal pipe” as the special monopoly work. Give play to the role of technical investigation teams, use scientific and technological means to deal with the anti -investigation capabilities of illegal tobacco dealers, change the combination of a single special monopoly investigation and dealt with the transition of the management of the counterpart, and build a scientific unified monopoly management model; strengthen the license management and implement the total retail license total In accordance with the “Administrative Measures for the Monopoly Monopoly” and the reasonable layout requirements, the license is strictly controlled in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for the Monopoly Monopoly License”, the license supervision is strengthened, the certificate management is disconnected from the market management, and the amount of license content is increased.
    three is to adhere to administration in accordance with the law and law enforcement. Increase the construction of a college -selling law enforcement team, purify the ideas of monopoly law enforcement personnel, strengthen the construction of actual work capacity, administer according to law, standardize the handling of cases, improve the level of strict law enforcement and civilized law enforcement, establish a good image of industry law enforcement; strengthen the supervision and inspection of law enforcement procedures, to monopoly monopoly The normality of market inspections in law enforcement, rigor handling of case handling, and accuracy of the application of laws and regulations shall be supervised and inspected; strengthen the supervision and inspection of administrative license matters, strictly review cases and quality of cases; implement the administrative law enforcement responsibility system, strictly implement the implementation of the administrative law enforcement responsibility system, strictly implement The “Security System of Law Enforcement Liability” has no administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation cases, no illegal administrative law enforcement, no law enforcement personnel, and violations of laws and disciplines.
    Fourth is to strengthen internal supervision and achieve standardized management. Change the functions of the customer manager, sign a standard of standardized business responsibilities, standardize marketing and monopoly behaviors, eliminate non -standardized behavior such as selling large households, virtual orders, etc., and improve the ability and level of serving customers; establish a monopoly internal management platform system, realize monopoly and marketing Joint management of business behavior, timely urge the rectification to be in place for sales and early warning situations and problems, and achieve standardized operations; give full play to the supervision of financial audit, monopoly, and disciplinary inspection and supervision departments, strengthen the standardized operation, financial audit, monopoly management, planned investment, salary, remuneration Distribution, bidding, procurement, inherent assets, cadre selection, major decision -making, internal control system supervision, establish and improve the scientific evaluation system and incentive mechanism, priority and punishment, and “self -discipline, internal control, and standardization”; promote the work of disclosure of democratic management, and work, and work, and the work of disclosure of officers. Strengthen the supervision of the power of leading cadres at all levels and decision -making, the appointment and removal of important cadres, the arrangement of important projects, the supervision of important project arrangements, the use of large amount of funds, strengthen supervision responsibilities, strict accountability, and form “administration, democratic decision -making, scientific management, procedures, procedures in accordance with the law The good atmosphere of operation.
    4. Strengthen the construction of corporate culture and improve the soft power of the tobacco industry. Strengthening cultural construction is an important way to enhance the core competitiveness of tobacco companies. Excellent corporate culture can enhance cohesion and centripetal force. It can establish images and expand influence and value -added to the outside world. It is an important part of core competitiveness.
    1 is to build a tobacco enterprise culture construction system. Combining the characteristics of the industry, study and formulate the cultural strategy of tobacco enterprise, design the value concept system, behavioral standard system and image recognition system for designing tobacco enterprise culture, and guided by the strategic goals, tasks and content systems of tobacco enterprise culture. The main ways, organizational methods, and resource allocation conduct overall analysis and overall planning and deployment to guide the cultural construction of the industry; establish a standardized cultural operation and evaluation mechanism of tobacco enterprise, and formulate and improve the publicity, supervision, and assessment of the construction of tobacco enterprise culture. , Evaluation, reward and punishment, etc., provide institutional guarantee for the standardized operation of the cultural construction of tobacco enterprises; promote the innovation of the cultural work of tobacco enterprise, and in accordance with the requirements of the new situation and the new tasks, timely transformation, supplementing and innovative tobacco enterprise culture content, form, work system, etc. , To always lead and meet the needs of enterprise development, realize the continuous reconstruction of tobacco corporate culture, and transform the cohesion of tobacco enterprise culture into innovation and economic power.
    The second is to build a service culture. Based on the specific situation and hell and cultural characteristics of tobacco enterprise departments at all levels, relying on corporate culture construction, strengthening service culture construction, based on the ISO9000 quality management system, build a framework system for service culture, design service logos, brand emblem, etc. Formulate service specifications, standards and service processes to create a tobacco service brand. Through the applicable norms of the service brand system and the supervision and standards of service quality, the evaluation and improvement of the dissemination effect, incentive measures to employees, encourage employees to creatively carry out work, promote the spread of service brands, enhance the popularity of enterprises and customers Satisfaction, the core competitiveness of tobacco companies.
    three is the construction team culture. Create a learning enterprise, vigorously advocate the good atmosphere of diligent learning and hard work, to achieve a high degree of integration of work and learning, so that the concepts of lifelong education and lifelong learning are deeply rooted in people’s hearts; strengthen the construction of employee teams, take capacity building as the core, and promote job management. Continuously improve the comprehensive quality of the team, forge a tobacco team with high quality, business, strict discipline, and hard work style; strengthen the construction of the leadership team, in accordance with the requirements of “good political quality, good business performance, good unity and cooperation, good style image”, ” Increase and improve the incentive mechanism and supervision mechanism at all levels, and explore the establishment of the evaluation system of a single operating performance evaluation to the comprehensive evaluation system of performance and ability, and improve the ability of tobacco to control the overall situation, scientific management, and pragmatic aggressive ability.
    is the construction management culture. Adhere to institutional innovation and standardized management, consolidate the management foundation, improve the management system, continuously introduce modern enterprise management concepts and management methods, promote the management foundation of comprehensive quality, finance, security, marketing, and monopoly Standardize and improve the level of comprehensive management and service efficiency.
    5. Implementation of reducing and hazardous and reducing projects to reduce social harm from scientific and technological progress. Special products in the tobacco industry are responsible industries. This responsibility is both legal requirements and moral requirements.
    1 is to firmly establish a sense of responsibility in the tobacco industry, be responsible to consumers, be responsible for the society, care for tobacco farmers and retail customers, properly handle the relationship with the industry, and actively take the initiative to assume the interests of the interests of the tobacco industry and the natural environment. The harmonious obligation between the intercourse guides cigarette retail customers to prohibit selling cigarettes to minors to advocate social civilization; actively return to society, support the crisis, support the construction of new rural areas, and promote social progress. Meet the needs of environmentally friendly and resource -saving society.
    It is to increase the technology content of cigarettes and reduce the harm of cigarettes to the body. To improve the production process of cigarettes and reduce the harm of tobacco, it is the responsibility of tobacco industry manufacturers. It is necessary to use the core technical research of cigarettes to tone fragrance, reduce hazard focus, special technology and its special supporting equipment as a breakthrough, strengthen the original innovation and integration innovation of related technologies and materials, and fully tap and use domestic tobacco leaf raw materials, crafts, Chinese cigarettes, Chinese cigarettes Products and other technical advantages and potentials in terms of hazard reduction, alleviating smoking and health contradictions; we must closely combine the style and flavor characteristics of Chinese cigarettes, and focus on strengthening the research and independent innovation of Chinese cigarette reduction reduction technology. Coke new technology and new materials, actively organize the integration innovation and promotion and application of comprehensive harm reduction technology, develop low -scorch oil and mixed cigarettes, improve the level of cigarette production technology and cigarette quality, reduce focus and coke, reduce the harm of tobacco, comprehensively comprehensively, comprehensive Improve the core competitiveness of Chinese cigarettes.

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