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  1. 1. Requirement priority
    First of all, in the new situation, cigarette marketing staff must adhere to the principles of demand priority if they want to do high -quality cigarette marketing. The so -called “demand priority”, as the name implies, requires marketers to put market demand in a priority position, and effectively adhere to the actual situation of market demand, customer needs and consumer demand, and strive to do a good job of marketing. Only when the marketing staff really achieves the customer and carry out the work around customers, can they be concerned about customers, love customers, think for customers, and serve consumers. Only in this marketing that meets the needs and service needs is effective, can it win customer support and win the trust of consumers.
    In in order to achieve the first needs, cigarette marketers in the new situation must do a good job of investigation, be on the front line, penetrate the forefront of the retail terminal, and enhance the demand market through visiting observation, questionnaire survey, thinking analysis and other channels. Understand, comprehensively and accurately grasp the characteristics of market demand, and formulate marketing strategies scientifically and reasonably. In particular, we must understand the characteristics of changes in the structure of consumer groups, changes in consumption power, and changes in consumer habits in the area. We must carefully listen to consumers’ voices and demands, find problems in their reasonable demands, reflect on the gains and losses of demand information, and actively grasp the supply of source organization supply. Link. Strive to put customer needs in priority, in order to comply with demand, meet demand, and truly safeguard consumer interests.
    . Innovation assistance
    Filly, under the new situation, marketing staff must adhere to innovation assistance in order to do a good job of cigarette marketing. As we all know, innovation is the call of the times and the need for social development. Innovation is the soul of national progress, an inexhaustible motivation for a country’s prosperity, and the deepest endowment of the Chinese nation. In the fierce international competition, only innovators have entered, only innovators are strong, and innovatives have won. At present, the state is vigorously promoting the transformation of economic development methods and the adjustment of economic structure, and is working hard to achieve the “two hundred years” goal. It is necessary to implement the innovation -driven development strategy. The party’s eighteen proposes to implement the innovation -driven development strategy, which is to promote comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation as the core, adhere to demand orientation and industrial direction, enhance the contribution of scientific and technological progress to economic growth, form a new source of growth momentum, promote economic sustainable economic sustainability healthy growth.
    It to implement the innovation -driven development strategy, grasp innovation, and seize the “bull nose” that affects the overall economic and social development. Grasping innovation is to grasp development, and innovation is the future. The development base point must be placed on innovation, and new driving forces are cultivated through innovation. The customer manager shoulder the heavy responsibility of cigarette marketing must strengthen innovation awareness and adhere to innovation to help marketing.
    1 is to innovate ideas. We must always adhere to the correct concept of service as the first time. The customer manager must take the initiative to put down the body and deeply penetrate the customer, go deep into the market to understand the dynamics, grasp the demand information, and do a good job of demand services.
    It is to innovate. Customer managers should actively innovate marketing methods, make full use of modern information technology, use big data, cloud services and other means to learn about customer information and retain customer information, and to use WeChat and Douyin to make excellent customers to display it, so that the customers of the area customers are mutually mutually mutual. Learn and learn from each other.
    three is innovative ideas. As a marketer, if you want to do a good job of cigarette marketing, you must also work hard to innovate marketing ideas. Downate their feelings for key customers and big customers, enhance exchanges, and promote their better sales of cigarettes; focus on incentives for weak households, help them solve difficulties, and actively dig their potential efficiency. For difficulties, we must help them feel warm. For new customers, we must effectively strengthen the education of law and discipline regulations, let customers familiarize with cigarette -related laws and regulations, and guide customers to abide by laws.
    is the innovation method. As a marketing personnel, we must actively innovate marketing methods, make full use of the method of accepting customers, accepting, and willingness to accept, stimulate their enthusiasm and initiative, and strive to do cigarette sales.

  2. First of all, you have to be a marketer of a tobacco company. Tobacco marketers can visit more in their own jurisdiction, establish WeChat groups, and obtain the maximum benefits under the rules of grading. The sales of tobacco are not difficult, and the sales strategy is related to it. Care about customers’ demands.

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