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  1. After using a computer to join the volunteer group volunteer login, enter the “My Group” on the left column, click “Participate in more groups”, enter the list of volunteer groups, search according to the group registration date/group ID/group name, and find the appropriate one Volunteer group, click “I want to join” and apply for joining the group. (Wait for the group for approval before you can join.) Use the applet to join the volunteer group
    2 Click the homepage (join the group) to enter the volunteer group list. Volunteers choose interested volunteer groups and sign up to join the volunteer service team. Enter the (volunteer group details) page, you can view (project), (complaint), (sharing) to WeChat group or friends. Click (I want to join) to apply for a volunteer group and wait for the volunteer group to review it. After joining the volunteer group or the project, I did not respond to ask: After applying for a volunteer group or volunteer service project, the volunteer has not received the employment information or response. The person in charge of the volunteer group is generally volunteer. Volunteers may not need to be volunteers for the time being, or you may not meet their recruitment requirements. Volunteers have scanned the QR code in the upper right corner of the homepage of the group page on WeChat. The administrator then agreed to apply in the volunteer.
    This information: Volunteer service organizations can record volunteer service information through the volunteer service information system designated by the civil affairs department of the State Council, or they can also record through other volunteer service information systems or paper carriers. Other volunteer information systems or paper carrier records such as volunteer personal basic information and volunteer service situations such as volunteer service, volunteer service organizations should be entered into the volunteer service information system designated by the civil affairs department of the State Council in accordance with the unified information and data standards to achieve data interconnection and interoperability Essence
    The legal basis: Article 1 of the “Administrative Measures for Volunteers in China” stipulates: “League organization and volunteer organizations publish service information to registered volunteers according to the needs of the service objects, and provide service positions. Volunteers shall be in accordance with relevant requirements. Volunteer services. Registered volunteers can also carry out volunteer services in accordance with relevant regulations. Registered volunteers with the same service intention and volunteer hobbies will be promoted to form a volunteer service team under the guidance of the group organization and volunteer organization. “

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