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  1. Hello, I am a sea cucumber, I am very happy to answer your questions!
    What is Tmall shop group? Is there any inside story?
    The Tmall shop entrepreneur, the team’s self -employed 200 Tmall no -stock shop group, sea cucumber has a certain right to speak.

    . Let’s answer a question and question, try to make those who read this article be able to return with knowledge. There is no supply of cats, what is Tmall shop group?
    1. Principles of Tmallless Source: By collecting high -quality sources of the entire network and uploading it to our own stores, the price increases 30%~ 35%to sell. Someone plays in our store. The goods are sent to buyers. For example, I bought 39 yuan and 79 yuan to sell, and the profit of a order is 40 yuan. This gameplay can be said to make a single order.
    2, Tmall has no supply of goods: It does not need to be promoted by traditional e -commerce, just to obtain natural search traffic through operations, improve the exposure rate, high exposure rate, naturally there will be conversion rates. In addition to saving the cost of promoting, because there is no source of goods, we do not need to buy, press the goods, and rent the warehouse, which can greatly release our capital pressure and use the money on the blade.
    3, Tmall shop group principle: The meaning of the shop group is literally. The shop group is a group, and the shop groups formed by multiple shops are store groups, such as 200 Tmall in the sea cucumber team Source shops are the shop group model.
    4, Tmall shop group advantage: more and more earning, these four words are the advantages of the Tmall shop group. A Tmall store can easily achieve 30 ~ 40W flowing water for a month, and the monthly profit of a single store is 5 ~ 10W, when the funds permitted, open 2 stores to the income X2, open 10 X10, and do not cover it. In the case of technology, copying and paste is the fastest way to make money.

    . What is the inside story of Tmall’s unparalleled shop group?
    1. Traffic tilt: In fact, this player who is in contact with e -commerce knows that now we are shopping on Taobao and search for a keyword. Basically, the homepage shows Tmall stores. It is definitely a big shop. There is no such opportunity for ordinary shops. It can be said that 80%of Taobao’s traffic is for Tmall.
    2. Supporting strength: Alibaba is absolutely supported by Tmall, because the birth of Tmall is to become a high -end, atmospheric, up -grade shopping platform. Tmall merchants will have many benefits that Taobao merchants do not have. At the moment, many people say that Tmall is going to marked JD. In fact, Hai Gui said that Tmall came to surpass JD.
    3, natural search traffic inside story: We do e -commerce, know the word crowd label. As consumers, the platform will label us to classify, but there will always be some consumers because of small shopping, the labels have not yet been tags not yet, the labels have not yet been not yet labels. There is no way to be classified directly. Based on this, the sea cucumber and Xiao Er chat learned that the platform will introduce the traffic of this part without the traffic of the crowd, all of which are imported into the store with a loss rate of 80%of the store, and then a performance of consumers. Finally, a label. And we are a merchant for the production -free source model. The number of products itself is more in the store. The loss rate of almost each store is more than 80%, which just meets the standard of the platform’s introduction of labelless traffic. This is also the reason why most people do n’t understand before, why there is such a large natural traffic why there is no need to make orders without the need for order.
    It in the e -commerce environment, there is a transformation of traffic. This is the truth, regardless of whether this traffic is accurate.
    The inside story of the Tmall Store Group is that he is now in a period of time, and the market is a blue ocean.
    Although there have been several years of no goods, but because of Tmall’s unique closed -loop ecosystem and high threshold for funds, the dividends are now great! Intersection Intersection
    Okay, okay, Tmall shop group, inside story, sea cucumber have been analyzed in detail here. If you still do n’t know, it does n’t matter, you can pay attention to the sea cucumber. Fuck the goods ~

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