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  1. The market capacity of the coating industry is relatively scarce. The industry association has only released some overall data, and the market research industry also has the establishment of the market capacity model. According to years of experience, Hyundai International Market Research Co., Ltd. has tried to establish a market capacity model of the coating industry to provide strong support for coating companies to understand the trend of the entire market size and specific market cakes. The specific steps are as shown below:
    1) Estimated the market capacity scale of the country. According to the overall output data released by the country, combined with many macroeconomic data and the price level of major brands, the overall market capacity model of the country is established.
    2) Determine the key influencing factors at the urban level: the possible factors that affect the market capacity of the coating market at the urban level, such as population scale, GDP, real estate investment, real estate sales area, etc., combined with some cities’ share data (obtained by one -hand survey)) Sales with some brand sales, factor analysis and other steps to establish preliminary models;
    3) expand to the city level nationwide, and establish a market capacity estimation model;
    4) Combined with the overall market capacity of Amend and then generate the final market capacity data model.

  2. The market capacity research and analysis requires the following a few steps:
    ① determine the prediction purpose. For a prediction, the purpose of the prediction must be clear, that is, why this prediction is performed, and what problem it has to solve. The purpose of the prediction purpose directly affects a series of tasks such as prediction content, scale, and selection of prediction methods. Only with clear goals can the prediction work be targeted and avoid blindness.
    ② Collection, sorting and analyzing data. Data is the basis for prediction. What information is collected is determined by the purpose of the prediction. The collected information must be carefully reviewed, and necessary adjustments to incomplete and unsuitable materials must be made. For the review and adjustment data, preliminary analysis must be performed to observe the nature of the structure of the data as a basis for choosing appropriate prediction methods.
    ③ Select the appropriate method. It is necessary to start from the actual market, and choose effective prediction methods according to the purpose of forecasting and data possession. Sometimes choose one, and sometimes several methods can be combined to verify the results of the prediction to improve the accuracy of the prediction.
    box prediction. Based on the selected prediction methods, using the information you have mastered can be used to calculate and study specific calculations and research, to make qualitative or quantitative analysis, and speculate that judging the development direction and development trend of the future market.
    ⑤ Analysis of prediction errors. The prediction error is the difference between the predicted value and the actual value. The size of the prediction error reflects the accuracy of the prediction. We should be flexible for the inaccuracy of the prediction, and do not try to improve the prediction method.
    ⑥ determine the prediction value and propose a formal prediction report. The prediction personnel shall implement the prediction and determine the prediction value after the prediction results, and reflect the prediction results in writing, and then submit it to the relevant departments for reference when decision -making.
    The market capacity refers to the total demand for the reality and potential market demand for the reality and potential market in the market of the market for a period of time.

  3. You can perform a SWOT analysis of the company, that is, from the company’s own competitive advantage, competition disadvantage, opportunities and threats to fully understand the company:
    competitive advantage (S) refers to the ability of a company to surpass its competitors, or refers The company’s unique thing can improve the company’s competitiveness. For example, when the two companies are in the same market or they are capable of providing products and services to the same customer group, if one of the companies has a higher profit margin or profitable potential, then we think that this enterprise is better than another than another one. Enterprises are more competitive. The competitive advantage can be the following aspects: technical and skills advantages: unique production technology, low -cost production methods, leading innovation capabilities, strong technical strength, perfect quality control system, rich marketing experience, superior customer service, excellence, excellence The advantages of large -scale procurement skills: high -quality product quality, excellent brand image, good business credit human resources advantages: key areas have specialized staff, positive staff, strong organizational learning ability, rich experience organization system Advantages: reflected in the management ability of the customer base: the product development cycle is short, the powerful dealer network, the good partnership with the supplier, and the sensitive response to the changes in the market environment. It refers to something that is lacking or done by a company, or a condition that will cause the company to be at a disadvantage. Factors that may lead to internal weakness are: lack of competitive skills and techniques that lack competitive products, human resources, and organizational assets in key areas of assets are losing
    potential opportunities facing the company (O): Market opportunities It is a major factor affecting the company’s strategy. The company’s managers should confirm each opportunity to evaluate the growth and profit prospects of each opportunity, and choose the best opportunity to match the company’s financial and organizational resources and enable the company’s competitive advantage. The potential development opportunities may be: the expansion of the customer base or the product segment market skill technology transferred to new products and new businesses, and service for larger customer base services to the integration market to enter barriers to reduce the ability to acquire competitors to obtain and acquire competitors. Strong growth, the opportunity to expand rapidly to other geographical areas and expand the market share.
    The external threat of the company (T): In the company’s external environment, there are always some profitability and capacity of the company and Market position constitutes a threat. The company’s managers should timely confirm the threat of the company’s future interests, make evaluations and take corresponding strategic actions to offset or reduce their impact. The external threat of the company may be: a powerful new competitor who will enter the market to enter the market to seize the company’s main product market growth rate decreased population characteristics, and the adverse change of social consumption methods will reduce the market demand through this analysis method. Using your own resources to play your own advantages, such as the quality advantage you said, you can also consider establishing a brand, improve service quality, and expand production and sales varieties under the premise of resource permits! Consumers now pay attention to health, and strengthening the development of environmental protection products is a strong guarantee for competitiveness!

  4. Foresight Network Abstract: Under the guidance of industry policies and the market, construction decoration and training will enter a new period of development. The output of building coatings will increase year after year.
    in recent years, China’s coating industry has developed well.国家统计局数据显示,2010年,中国涂料行业规模以上企业有2745 家,同比增长7.31%;全年实现销售额2026.82亿元,同比增长28.23%;利润总额140.77亿元,同比增长24.00%;资产The scale was 146.587 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 19.69%. The total output of the coating industry reached 9.666 million tons, close to the 10 million tons mark for the first time, and continued to rank first in the world.
    The building coatings have always possess a dominant position in the field of coating. In recent years, especially the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade, etc. R n shows that the total output of Chinese architectural coatings in 2010 reached 3.518 million tons, an increase of 34.45%year-on-year; from January to November 2011, the cumulative production of building coatings in the country was 30.98 million tons. 10,000 tons, accounting for 47%of the total cumulative total output of the country; the largest output province is Shanghai, with an output of 778,600 tons, accounting for 25.13%of the country’s total output.
    The high -speed growth of real estate investment is a powerful driving force for the development of building coatings. In 2010, real estate investment was 4.8 trillion, an increase of 33.2%year -on -year, and the average annual growth rate of 14 years was 19.9%. In 2010, the construction coatings production was 3.518 million tons, an increase of 34.4%year -on -year, and the average annual growth rate in 14 years was 19.3%. It is equivalent to the growth rate of real estate investment.
    The analysis of the Research Group of the Building Coatings Industry Institute of Foresight Industry Research Institute believes that under the guidance of industry policies and the stretching of the market, building decoration and training will enter a new period of development. Development potential is huge. In addition, the emergence of new rural construction has also greatly stimulated the promotion and application of various types of architectural coatings.
    The inferred that China’s construction industry has at least 10 years of stable development, and it will also be the 10 years of the rapid development of domestic construction coating manufacturers.

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