Mourinho: Maradona is the god of football

Mourinho and Maradona relationship is very good, mutual praise is common, Mourinho believes that no matter in which era, Maradona is the first person in the world of football, he is a combination of tactics, technology, spirit, is the real king of the ball, the god of football, with his own force to avoid relegation team to win the title, this Messi will never be able to reach.

There are many great stars, but since the global broadcast, only Pele, Polo king, Ronaldo, Messi, C Ronaldo, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Zidane and dozens of others have been recognized, but the most technical, tactical, mental strength, achievement and influence must be the polo king, unprecedented and unmatched, the last king.

Prodigy, football god, generation legend, Maradona influence on and off the pitch, dominant above Messi, Maradona will always be the first ball king, 2022 World Cup, Messi 7 goals, 3 assists, create 10 goals, but there are 4 penalties, Maradona 86 World Cup, 5 goals 5 assists.

There is only one true king and that is Maradona. Among the biggest stars of his generation in the top leagues, there is hardly any disagreement and almost worship. This, the present Ronaldo Messi is absolutely unable to do. The most admired thing about Maradona is that he is a king, a bully, a god on the pitch, able to bring all his teammates together and inspire them to fight.

The ’94 team was a star-studded favorite to win the tournament, won all three of their group games, played beautifully, and then lost their minds when Maradona was suspended and knocked out by Romania. These effects are not evident from the number of goals scored.

Lao Ma is responsible for the transition of attack and defense in the midfield, can not open the situation on their own goals, even many times ran back to defend near their own goal, loudly encouraging teammates, leading the way. He has all the “king” ability and temperament! Messi may only not lose the old horse on the ball, other aspects of the gap is quite big.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, only successful in the modern tactical system of football, Messi is not the traditional sense of the striker, belongs to the front free man, relying on Barcelona’s strong midfield, interpenetrating two sides, Ronaldo, the standard striker, excellent physical quality, header ability, extremely good at running, get the chance to shoot, Benzema in the front of the sacrifice.

Of course, the referee also played a big role, now on the rear side of the tackle, the punishment is much more severe, the same La Liga and Serie A, there is also a big difference, C Ronaldo in La Liga, significantly higher than the Serie A, also shows that the defense between the teams of the Serie A, intensity.

In fact, if you have to compare the old horse, then Pele is probably not the king of the ball. Ma has a high status in Argentina, but it’s not all about the ball. When the old Horse won the championship, for Argentina out of the Malvinas Islands bad breath. This opportunity, I’m afraid very few people come across. It’s a rare thing. Messi doesn’t have it. Pele doesn’t have it.

But Messi’s skill, it’s easier to score goals than the old horse. This is unique to Messi in the world. The king of the ball, he must be the best in the world and have something unique. Pele has three World Cups, the old horse has the Hand of God and the mighty, Messi has the little step, so all three of them can be called the king of the ball, but if there is only one king it is the old horse, no doubt about it.

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