5 thoughts on “Is there a hometown of heavy machines? Where is it?”

  1. Of course. It is the mayor of Xinxiang, Henan Province. Changyuan County was named after the “county has anti -Yuanyuan”. It is “the hometown of Chinese chefs”, “China’s corrosion capital”, “the hometown of China’s lift machinery”, “National Green Agricultural Development Demonstration Zone”, and “National Health County”. There are 99 whole machine manufacturers, of which 16 have annual sales revenue of over 100 million yuan, and the annual sales revenue of Weihua Group reached 2.56 billion yuan. 1 National Vocational Skills Appraisal and 1 Provincial Technology R

  2. In the mayor of Xinxiang, Henan Province.
    The Changyuan is the largest lifting equipment production base and an important sanitary material production base in the country. Efforts to build a new pattern of the industrial gathering group of “one district and six groups”. In 2011, the construction area of ​​the industrial agglomeration area of ​​Changyuan County, the provincial -level provincial level reached 14 square kilometers, and settled in 432 enterprises to achieve the main business income of 28 billion yuan. It is named “National New type of industrialization industry demonstration base” for “Henan Fortune Ten Industrial Club Zone” and “the first batch of well -known brands in Henan Province”.

  3. The positioning of the crane generally uses the scaled ruler accurate positioning system and the APON wireless positioning ranging meter to perform accurate position detection and automatic control, greatly improving the level of automation and improving operating efficiency.

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