What are the future for repairing computers and selling second -hand computers?

What are the future for repairing computers and selling second -hand computers? I want a little answer! Intersection
The more detailed the better! Intersection Intersection

3 thoughts on “What are the future for repairing computers and selling second -hand computers?”

  1. To put it true, there are more computers now, and the market is quite large (for these years.)
    The is true, there are more people buying new computers first, because there are no second -hand computers, there are no second -hand computers Market.
    This is to talk about integrity. Build your own customer base.
    also sold some new computers.
    It to be a buyer is God. The service must be thoughtful.
    The business is not just doing it once with others. As long as you do it, the business will be fine/

  2. I personally think that the computer is okay, just like ordinary maintenance, installation systems, installation software and the like.
    It if you are interested, you can learn a computer main board. In that case, then you are a real computer.
    The computer repair is very promising. You see, there are almost young people, many people have computers. If they are simple, they will also repair it themselves, so I will ask you to learn to repair the computer motherboard.
    . I think it ’s not good to sell second -hand computers, because second -hand computers are prone to problems. You sell 10 units, which makes you trouble for a long time. You must help them repair the computer you bought here. If the number of bad times is frequent, you will exhaust you. It will also reduce your reputation. So I am not optimistic about selling second -hand computers. Sell ​​new computers if you want to sell.
    This is my opinion: selling new computers, fixing the computer, and looking for some companies, the company is used as a fixed customer. The income is still very good.
    I wish you good luck

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