It is said that the profit of selling chemical fertilizers in rural areas is large. How much can a bag of fertilizer be made?

4 thoughts on “It is said that the profit of selling chemical fertilizers in rural areas is large. How much can a bag of fertilizer be made?”

  1. First of all, as the name implies, chemical fertilizer is the abbreviation of chemical fertilizers. The fertilizers containing one or more nutrient elements required for the growth of crops by chemical or physical methods. Also known as inorganic fertilizer. What are the characteristics of fertilizer? The ingredients are simple, the nutrient content is high, and the fat effect is fast. Understand these, let’s talk about the profits of chemical fertilizers. I want to discuss from the following aspects:
    The relatively single fertilizers such as conventional urea, potassium fertilizer, general calcium and other raw materials, and low profits. Phenomenon. The production process is slightly more complicated, such as compound fertilizer such as roller granules, high tower granules, ammonia granules, etc. The profit is slightly higher, which can reach the profit of 200-400 per ton. In addition to containing a large number of elements such as NPK, it is also rich in compound fertilizers with various trace elements. The gold content is higher, and the profit can reach 500-700 yuan/ton. Of course, this is inseparable from the hype of the merchant. It also includes some transportation costs, labor costs, warehousing costs, and so on. The net profit is not so high. Water -soluble fertilizer and biological bacteria are also relatively hot fertilizers in the near future, and of course, the profit is relatively high.

    The fertilizer belongs to production materials, farming, and every family cannot be separated, but most of the current distribution channels for fertilizers are inseparable from manufacturers-municipal or county-level agents-township dealers-farmers’ households-farmers households In such circulation links, the more the middle links, the higher the cost of fertilizer used by farmers. Compared with the manufacturer directly from the manufacturer, and then sell it to the farmer’s hands, the more levels, the higher the cost. In order to adapt to the pressure of the market competition, it is necessary to abandon high profits between various links to protect the market. Each intermediate link will inevitably collapse or transform, otherwise it will not be supported. The profit of dealers who purchase directly from the manufacturer will be highlighted.

    The group of people in any industry. They rely on eating market to make money. They have a keen insight and can predict the market in advance. The timing is mature, sells at high prices, and earns greater profits.

  2. In fact, the profit of the bag of chemical fertilizer in the countryside is not very large. A bag of hypertrophy can make about 10 yuan, and if some people want to bargain, the profit will be lower.

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