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  1. my country ’s biological fertilizer is in the stage of innovation
    The development of our biofex industry in my country has experienced four stages: since the 1940s, my country has opened the study of biological fertilizers; from the 1980s to the early 1990s, the industry standards have not yet been introduced; 1996 The Ministry of Agriculture incorporates biological fertilizer into the management of production materials. In 2000, the “Administrative Measures for Fertilizer Registration” further regulated the management of fertilizer registration. With the development of industry standards and orderly development, the effect of biological fertilizer application was gradually recognized. Since 2006, the industry has entered a stage of innovation and development. The research center is a composite microbial fertilizer with the “fertilizer medicine and effect” with three effects of “nutrition, conditioning, and plant protection”.

    Development situation

    The “2020 Action Plan for the Continuing growth of fertilizer use in 2020”, “2020 pesticide usage negative growth action plan”, “2020 expanded organic fertilizer replacement fertilizer application area from fruit vegetables to grain and oil The implementation of policies such as crop expansion is expected to further increase the development process, registration, and promotion rate of biological fertilizers in my country. It is expected that the promotion of microbial fertilizer application will be more than 400 million acres in the future.
    In the prevalence of the industry to show stable development
    -output is upward
    The biological fertilizer can achieve the intuitive effect of reducing the amount of fertilizer fertilizer and increased grain production, while reducing economic benefits such as farmers investment, reducing environmental pollution and other economic benefits And ecological benefits. At present, the proportion of biological fertilizers occupy a small proportion of fertilizer. In recent years, under the multiple profits such as policies, my country’s bi fertilizer industry has continued to develop rapidly and stable.
    In data disclosed by the microbial fertilizer and edible bacteria quality supervision and testing center of the Ministry of Rural Agriculture, in 2012, the annual output of national microbial fertilizer companies exceeded 9 million tons; in 2017 The annual report revealed that the annual output of the national microbial fertilizer production enterprise was 12 million tons; at the same time, according to the data disclosed by the Agricultural and Rural Bureau in March 2020, the annual output of my country’s microbial fertilizer enterprises was 20 million tons. Based on the preliminary estimate of the growth rate of historical output, in 2020, the annual output of national microbial fertilizers was 24 million tons.
    -Newly increased the number of ascension in 2018
    This The data registration of my country’s microbial fertilizers disclosed in microbial fertilizers and edible bacteria quality supervision testing and testing of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Ministry. The number of microorganisms in my country’s microbial fertilizers showed an upward trend, and the number of quantities declined. In 2018, the number of registered data was sprayed, reaching 3,486. In 2020, the number of newly registered registered in Chinese microorganisms reached 1,591. As of August 2021, my country’s microbial fertilizers have been registered with 1,108.
    Note: Data deadline until August 2021.
    -sales volume is on the rise
    Microcxye can activate soil organic and inorganic nutrients, provide fertilizer utilization, improve the structure of the soil region, degrade heavy metal residues, inhibit the occurrence of soil disease diseases, in the metabolites of microorganisms, in the metabolites of microorganisms It contains a variety of natural plant hormones and amino acids and other beneficial substances that can promote the healthy growth of plant. The effectiveness of biological fertilizers can also be verified from the sales of biological fertilizers.
    If according to the production of biological fertilizers in my country and the import and export data of the General Administration of Customs, from 2017-2020, the sales of biological fertilizers in my country are on the rise:
    Note: The sales volume is based on the output import-export estimates out.
    -The sales revenue of enterprises above designated size is fluctuating
    In the estimation of the “Industrial Statistics Yearbook” and the data of the Ministry of Rural Agriculture, among the companies above designated size, microbial fertilizer possession of organic fertilizer and microbial fertilizer manufacturing industry revenue ratio 64%. According to this ratio, from 2018 to 2019, the decline in sales revenue in the manufacturing industry above designated size and microbial fertilizer manufacturing in my country is related to the decline in the number of companies above designated size. According to the growth rate of sales, in 2020, the sales revenue of microbial fertilizers above designated size reached 32.5 billion yuan.
    Note: “Industrial Statistics Yearbook” has not yet released data for 2020.
    In the case of the industry entering the development stage of innovation, policy blessing, and positive product registration, the cost of biological fertilizers is expected to be further reduced, and the biofex industry will show a stable development trend.
    -The above data refer to the “Analysis Report on the Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning of the Development of the Chinese Biofex Industry” of the Foresight Industry Research Institute

  2. Many countries have produced, applied and promoted biological fertilizers in the world. These countries are mainly distributed in Asia, South America, Europe and Africa. China also has more than 300 companies with an annual output of about hundreds of thousands of tons of biological fertilizers in production, and has an area of ​​more than 1.67 million square kilometers. The role of biological fertilizers in agriculture has gradually been recognized by people. Many countries also recognize that biological fertilizers as active microbial preparations, the number of beneficial microorganisms and the vigorous life activity is the key to quality and one of the key to the quality of the application. The role of biological fertilizers is increasingly valued by people. In response to existing problems, the following points must be achieved during the development of biological fertilizers:
    1. Production enterprises must continuously improve production conditions, formulas, technology, equipment, and improve employee quality. Pay attention to employees’ on -the -job training, cooperate with colleges and universities, cooperate with the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, improve the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, enhance basic research efforts, formulate product quality standards, and produce stable and high -quality products.
    2. According to market demand, promote innovation, and study various types of high -efficiency products. Regardless of which type of biological fertilizer, you should study the soil conditions, crop type, cultivation method, application method, application amount, and corresponding fertilizer application status, that is, in depth, in depth, the most important effect of increasing production will be the largest. Applying conditions and application methods, and are applied and promoted in a targeted manner, so as to achieve the best production increase.
    3. Establish a good market management order. Government management departments must increase registration management and combat counterfeit and inferior products to create a good social environment. It is necessary to strengthen the quality supervision of biological fertilizers, ensure the quality of production, improve the professional knowledge level of market supervisors, prevent fakes and inferiority from flowing into the market, pits farmers, encourage people to report pseudo -inferiority and counterfeit products, let farmers supervise, to biological fertilizer The development is crucial. Properly change the existing fertilizer circulation system, accelerate the circulation of biological fertilizers, and sell it to farmers in the hands of farmers in the state of the highest activity to achieve the best application effect.
    4, the propaganda and application training of science popularization knowledge, and the agricultural technicians and farmers in the corresponding areas are trained. Teach farmers to the correct use of biological fertilizers, and through the necessary field trial demonstrations, the majority of farmers can see their application effects. In addition, we must let farmers know that biological fertilizers cannot replace chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer. On the contrary, because the biofex itself has less nutrients, there is no sufficient organic fertilizer and suitable chemical fertilizer. Therefore, while applying biological fertilizers, we must not ignore the reasonable application of chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Of course, considering that biological fertilizers have the characteristics of nitrogen fixation or activated soil nutrients, appropriately reduce the application of chemical fertilizers, not only saving production costs, but also very necessary for improving crop quality and preventing environmental pollution.
    5. According to the principles of marketing, designing products suitable for local farmers, pricing should pay attention to farmers’ economic withdrawal capabilities, strengthen publicity and promotion, especially strengthen the publicity of outside door advertisements, and establish comprehensive sales channels.

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