1 thought on “How to register a user name in Changsha Health Minsheng Project”

  1. On WeChat, the public account “Changsha Health Minsheng Project” was paid to the public account, registered personal information in the public account, and registered in real name.
    The Changsha Health Livelihood Project,
    The household registration with Changsha City or obtaining Changsha residence permit (residence permit within the validity period, the same below), pregnant women who meet the requirements of project testing specifications, and voluntarily accept testing. Once a non -invasive prenatal gene test (that is, the fetal chromosomal non -rectification gene test NIPT); a newborn with a household registration in Changsha or obtained a Changsha residence permit, you can receive a newborn genetic deaf gene testing project, newborns, neonatal Disease 4 disease screening and 48 genetic metabolic disease skewers couplet screening projects; women who have a household registration in Changsha or obtained the age of Changsha residence permits at 35 to 64, can receive 1 free breast cancer and cervical cancer (including HPV testing (including HPV testing ) Detection.

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