I want to ask me to print it. How should I advertise?

How to attract more people to provide more business opportunities for our company. At the same time, our company will pay for the business opportunities for the successful transaction of business opportunities. Help

3 thoughts on “I want to ask me to print it. How should I advertise?”

  1. 1. Print small business cards for old customers. Leave their mobile phones, if it is a big customer, you can greet on the New Year, and you must indicate your identity and contact information after the text message.
    2. Find a single person, several major office buildings and corporate districts distribute business cards. Generally, you can find part -time jobs. Not much money.
    3. Play some small columns in local newspapers. The title is attractive. For example, the lowest printing price in this city, or beauty printing 🙂 and so on.
    4, personally visit some large companies and companies, send a little stationery gift, and get their business cards. Call them privately and promise a rebate price.
    The is so many, give me a point, I can ask questions.
    Thank you.

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