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  1. The operation of new retail:
    Service: The first point is the service. The core point of the new retail is the consumer experience? Therefore, the service can be said to be one of the core of the new retail operation. It has realized the interoperability of service consultation, promoted the direct access of service value, further strengthened online and offline interoperability, so that the value of it was fully displayed.
    Data: In today’s information talk, the data can actually be said to be the “intelligence venue” in the new retail scenario. It has a large amount of data to promote new retail and allow new retail to develop more rapidly. It is a new retail. It is a new retail. The key investment of the enterprise.
    regional: In fact, it is necessary to focus on the regional depth service, strengthen support for the region, make regional services more eye -catching, deeply dig the area to make users maximize value, and at the same time strengthen the interoperability between regions. It can truly play its own word of mouth, and let the distributors get their own community influence, and let the terminals of various regional end create more scenario value.
    The expansion information: The core of “New Retail” is the accelerated evolution of the two interfaces of online and offline. It is the problem of “goods, fields, and people”. In fact, one is the problem of background efficiency, and one is the problem of the front desk experience. The front desk is for our users and consumers. The background is mainly for enterprises to improve the efficiency of enterprise management and resource integration and distribution.
    For all companies, the transformation of “new retail” is a superposition of a element. Just like the front desk of the convenience store is still a convenience store, but the background has changed dramatically. For example, JD.com, for JD.com, in the background of the supplies chain of 1 million, one point is about 1 billion cost savings, which can be largely transformed into profits to a large extent.

  2. 1. Online and offline combination
    The online offline business concepts we have heard a lot, so what should I do? In fact, this is simple. Online offline is the development of new customer acquisition channels. Customer acquisition channels for offline retail stores are limited, which will be affected by factors such as business hours and store location. Online e -commerce has certain advantages in obtaining customers. Various O2O living platforms and e -commerce platforms can quickly obtain customers and orders.
    2. Selling combination of service and products
    The main business of offline physical stores is to sell various products. If you think the quality of the goods is good, customers will naturally come to buy. However, it is not an era when good wine is not afraid of deep alley. If physical stores want to make a profit, they must provide consumers with good services while selling products. If they are retail stores, it is necessary to improve the service. If it is a service store, in addition to good services, the products provided by the service should also have good quality, thereby stimulating consumers’ desire to buy.
    3. Member services are very important
    If the development of physical stores in the new and long -term development of the new retail industry, they must pay special attention to membership services and store efficiency to maximize membership services. Every member who consumes the store can obtain a satisfactory shopping experience. Online e -commerce cannot give consumers a complete shopping experience and service. This is the biggest advantage of offline stores. The physical store should give full play to this advantage, so as to be for this reason, so as to do this, so as to make this advantage, so as to do this, so as to give full play to this advantage, so as to make this advantage, so as to make this advantage, so as to give full play to this advantage, so as to give full play to this advantage, so Consumers provide the best offline shopping experience.

  3. Entrepreneurship Xiaobai does not understand operations, no matter how good the products will be buried, they will not worry about the operation without income.
    1, offline store stores, terminal stores are located in the surrounding area audience, customers must pass
    2, takeaway platforms, Meituan, hungry, online take -out platform customer group transfer to offline stores r r
    3, advertising drainage, brand long W period of continuous advertising to launch TV, network, plane full coverage
    4, new media drainage, Douyin, fast hands, headlines, Weibo, WeChat carefully produced videos, articles drainage n5 , E -commerce drainage, after purchasing from Taobao and JD, customers drain to the terminal store.
    The first one afternoon to create the ultimate supply chain, the ultimate mode, the ultimate experience, and the ultimate technology 4 extreme. The ingenious polishing details are just for the terminal. The star is delicious, the model is popular, and it comes with traffic.

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