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  1. Outstanding planning scheme of marketing activities
    In order to ensure that things or work are carried out solidly, a thorough plan is often required. The scheme is a written plan arranged from the aspects of purpose, requirements, methods, methods, and progress. So the question is, how should the plan write? The following is an excellent planning plan for the marketing activities I organized by everyone. Welcome to read and collect.

    The excellent planning plan for marketing activities June Summer, June father love like mountains. The sunshine in June was the hottest of the year, symbolizing the hot love of his father to his children. Father loves like a mountain, and many things in life cannot live forever, but the love given to us is eternal, and the annual Father’s Day is coming. In this festival that belongs to the father, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers, attract more customers, and increase the turnover, the management company decides to decide the Father’s Day marketing planning plan. Day-June 18th
    . The purpose of activity:
    1. Stimulate family consumption through activities to enhance the good brand image of the enterprise;
    . n 3. Increase the sales volume of E meals and increase the income of each store.
    . The theme of the event: Heart Father’s Day, XX family.
    . Activity location: xx
    . Event content:
    . During the event, the welcomes of each store to the middle -aged and elderly men who come to the store will send holiday blessings “Hello, happy holiday” Essence
    2. During the event, each store adds two tracks of “Repairing Life” and “Father”.
    3. During the event, there are good gifts for ordering xx meals.
    The free to pay 488 yuan for free of 688 yuan for meals for meals, and 4 pairs of XX meal poker cards. Every phone order consumption of 888 yuan for free gifts for free XXE meals to send VIP membership gold cards in time.
    . During the event period, the Ministry of Kitchen Administration of each store launched several Father’s Day Love Package. The price of each store can be determined according to its own specific situation. The dishes are healthy, nutrients. Love, father love is like mountains, father loves water like water, father and son are deeply affectionate). And mainly push a special dish of Father’s Day.
    5. During the event, guests who consume in the store can receive a free family portrait (10 -inch plastic seal) for a single table for a single table.
    6. The planning department uses the SMS platform to send a Father’s Day blessing SMS to the customer: “Heart Father’s Day, the XX family, a number of Father’s Day love package warmly, XX catering wish all the father in the world a happy holiday!”
    . Propaganda issues:
    1. Management company’s planning department is responsible for engraving Father’s Day banner, one store, the content “Heart Father’s Day, XX Family”, and send it to it before June 15th to Each store;
    2. Management company’s planning department to send Father’s Day wishes to customers on June 16th, “Heart Father’s Day, XX family, a number of Father’s Day love package warmly, XX catering wishes the world to the world Happy holidays for all father! “
    7. Note:
    1. Each store carefully organizes employee learning activities, and conducts relevant knowledge training for employees according to the plan; Take pictures and wash photos to increase the closing point;
    3. Integral card activities, voucher activities and this activity at the same time.
    Excellent planning plan for marketing activities 2. The purpose of the planning of this case
    The hometown of tea and the birthplace of tea culture. The discovery and utilization of tea has a history of four or five thousand years in China, and it has been prosperous and spreads all over the world. Tea has become a green drink that is popular, welcomed, and most beneficial to physical and mental health. Tea Rongtian people are one of them, advocating “the world of tea is a family.” The purpose of tea network marketing planning is to make tea products and brands win in increasingly fierce market competition. By analyzing the marketing status of your tea products, we plan their strategic methods in conjunction with their own advantages and disadvantages. In the fierce market competition, you will play your own world, strive to occupy the market, and better promote product sales.
    . Online marketing environment analysis
    1. Market status
    This is a large country of tea origin and first production and consumer. There is a history of tea drinking for thousands of years. Tea has been integrated into people’s lives middle. Drinking tea has become a living habit of most Chinese people. Tea has become an indispensable healthy drink and spiritual drink in social life. Moreover, with the popularity of people’s health consumption concepts, tea is becoming more and more accepted, loved, and loves, and loves Pursue.
    The tea market is fiercely competitive and many, but there are many defects. First, the construction of the standard system and sanitary safety system of tea production lags behind; the second is that the tea is rich, the output is large, and the brand is not large. There are many brands in the entire Pu’er tea market, so that Pu’er tea, which sells well on the Internet, is only popular on the Internet.
    The domestic tea market seems to be shocked, but in fact, it is undercurrent, and many tea companies need to break out of cocoons. However, the current, chaotic and weak characteristics of the tea industry have led to the disorderly competition and low -level competition of the entire industry, and consumers lack the basis and direction. It can be said that the domestic tea industry is “famous tea, none.” Therefore, it is very important to quickly promote our tea brand through online marketing.
    2. Product analysis
    Pu’er tea, its brands are: cloud products, Dayi, Xiaguan, Longyuan, Dai Dai, Iceland Hu, etc. “Cloud Product” has uniqueness and different things. Other brands are not owned by us. Consumers can also find similar products in other shops.
    3. Consumer analysis
    Pu’er tea reduces blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure; bright eyes, phlegm and cough; can lose weight and remove fat, especially small abdomen accumulated fat; can warm the stomach and protect the stomach.
    different effects also have different consumer groups.
    White -collar: Drinking Pu’er tea can reduce radiation and relieve physical and mental stress.
    Men: Drinking Pu’er tea can wake up and smoke, and calm the mind.
    Woman: Drinking Pu’er tea can be cosmetic and slimming, clearing fire and detoxifying.
    Is and elderly people: Drinking Pu’er tea can lower three highs and anti -aging.
    . Online marketing strategy
    (1) Product strategy:
    The wealth of our products, divided into two categories, one is our own product, one is the product of other merchants. Our products have “cloud products” and uniqueness, and have great development potential in the future. Each product has a certain life cycle. Consumers are easy to get bored with a product for a long time. R

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