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  1. In 2008, Zhang Erzhuang Renewal Material Processing Park was identified as a circular economy demonstration zone by Handan City. Zhang Erzhuang is located in the central area of ​​the Central Plains urban agglomeration in Handan, Changzhi, Anyang, Puyang, Liaocheng, Linqing, Xingtai, etc. The road is complete and the transportation is convenient. 40 kilometers from the Beijing -Zhuhai Expressway to the west, 45 kilometers from the Beijing -Guangzhou Railway; 15 kilometers from National Highway 106 to the east, 10 kilometers away from the Da Guangzhou highway. Crossing the Handa Highway to connect northern China. The northwest is 90 kilometers from Handan Airport, and the southwest is 240 kilometers southwest.
    A industrial gathering area for recycling and processing of renewal and processing in the Central Plains region, Zhang Erzhuang’s waste materials recycling and processing industry can be traced back to the 1980s. Over the years, Zhang Erzhuang has been formed as the centered on, and there are two sides of the Antan Highway and the Ningwei Highway. There are nearly 2,000 acquisitions, processing, and corporate stalls around the park. The variety involves hundreds of varieties of six categories, including waste plastic, rubber, metal, and electrical appliances. The annual throughput of waste materials reaches more than 1100,000 tons. The acquisition of the processing output value of nearly 1.5 billion yuan, the market covers Zhejiang, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Jiangsu and other places. Essence The recycling industry of Zhang Erzhuang has a comprehensive utilization and development of the industrial foundation of the circular economy.
    If according to the characteristics of Zhang Erzhuang’s renewal materials industry, long lines, and large scale, Wei County and County Party Committee and County Government established the Tianbao Renewal Materials Market in Zhang Erzhuang in 2004. Renewal Materials Processing Park has included the “Eleventh Five -Year Plan” national economic and social development plan for Wei County. In 2007, it was also proposed to build a cluster of Zhang Erzhuang’s renewal material industry. In 2008, Zhang Erzhuang Renewal Material Processing Park was listed by the Handan Municipal People’s Government as a pilot unit in the city’s circular economy. In the same year, the Zhang Erzhuang Renewal Materials Association was absorbed by the National Renewable Resource Utilization Association as a member unit.
    Tevizhuang renewal materials industry is in line with the industrial policy of building a conservation society and developing a circular economy, and has rich waste materials resources and a deep mass foundation; nearly 100,000 people in the county are engaged in waste products across the country as Zhang Erzhuang waste supplies recycling and the development of processing industry have provided sufficient resource guarantee. The establishment of the Zhang Erzhuang Renewal Materials Processing Park will help the healthy development and upgrade of the industry. We have strengthened the construction of the park’s infrastructure, improved the function of the park, and enhanced the market taste of the park; rectified the small enterprise stalls, canceled bad phenomena such as the operation of Zhan Dao and the stalls along the road. Encourage small and medium -sized enterprises to reorganize, strengthen the scale, and gradually form a renewal material industry chain with certain competitiveness and ability to resist risk; take technological innovation and institutional innovation as the driving force, actively promote structural adjustment, optimize resource allocation, and do a good job of national policies. Strive to incorporate the park into the national circular economy demonstration pilot unit and promote the long -term development of Zhang Erzhuang’s renewal materials industry.
    If according to the development needs of the urban scale, Zhang Erzhuang has entered the approval stage from the township. The vigorous development of Zhang Erzhuang will invite the world’s customers and people of the world with the best policies and the highest quality service to invest in the business and develop together to develop a glory.
    The town government in Zhang Erzhuang Village. There are 34 administrative villages under the jurisdiction: Zhang Erzhuang East, Zhang Erzhuang West, Zhang Erzhuang North, Nanying West, Nanying Fengdong, Sixth Store No. 1, Sixth Store, Sixth Store, Zhangzhuang Qian, Qianqian, Qian, and Zhangzhuang Zhangzhuangtun, Hou Putian, Dongpu’an, Xipan, Beiyingfeng, Han Tianjiao, Beixinzhuang, Nantinzhuang, Dongzhong Yan, Liu Tianjiao, Da Yantun, Cao Tianjiao, Bei Liugu Dong Liugu, Nanliuzhuang, Junzhai, Pingcun, Rites, Yanzhuang, Zhongyan, Xiyan, Songtun, Luzhuang, Beishan Village.

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