Please tell me how much the single output value of the rubber? Is there a prospect?

What I want is the general trend and profit from now to the next 10 or 20 years, thank you!

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  1. Hello, this industry has entered a mature development period
    “From 1999 to 2000, the entire rubber industry in my country was losing money because raw materials price increases and products were not adapted to the market. Since 2001, the rubber industry has accelerated the optimization and upgrading of product structure. In 2007, the results were achieved. “Ju Hongzhen believes that through seven years of continuous optimization of the product structure, the rubber industry has entered a mature development period.
    It according to reports, in recent years, my country’s rubber industry has maintained 18%to 19%of growth, and industry operation characteristics are: new products that meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets have become new development priorities and new economic growth points; enterprises Pay attention to scientific and technological investment and talent training. The transformation of new products from innovative achievements to productivity has accelerated; transforming growth methods, cultivating market brands, consciously regulating market benefits, and focusing on corporate benefits; large companies have gradually increased their market share and become the backbone of the market; old products Gradually shrinking, the old craftsmanship gradually eliminated.
    At the same time, as the main product of rubber consumption, tires account for more than 60%of the total rubber consumption. In recent years, my country’s tire industry has maintained a stable and high -speed growth, especially the annual increasing annual increasing of the noon tires has been above 20%.
    In statistics from the China Rubber Industry Association, in 2007, 46 key member companies’ tire output increased by 20%year -on -year, sales revenue increased by 28%, exports increased by 30%, tire lunch rate reached 74%, and noon tire exports accounted for total exports. More than 80%of the amount, export transaction value has increased significantly.
    is worth noting that in 2007, my country ’s all -steel lunch tires accounted for about 75%, and the top ten Chinese brand products accounted for more than 65%. Transnational rubber companies have entered the Chinese market, causing the sustainable development of my country’s rubber industry to attract attention.

    . The price of rubber in recent years has continued to rise, and the output value of acres is much higher than that of spring sand, and rubber is a raw material with large industrial demand
    2006 my country’s national economy continued to develop, and total national product value It reached 20940.7 billion yuan, an increase of 10.
    7%over the previous year, accelerating 0.3 percentage points. The rubber industry is an important part of my country’s industrial economy. In 2006, the rubber worker
    industry output value accounted for 1.31%of GDP. As an important part of chemical products, rubber is extremely important industrial production
    raw materials, rubber industry, rubber industry It has made great contributions to the development of China’s economy and social progress.

    This development of the rubber industry is highly related to the growth of the national economy. The industry chain of the rubber industry is relatively complicated. It
    is a sub -industry in the chemical industry. From the perspective of upstream, it mainly includes petrochemical industry and natural rubber industries
    . Building industry and other industries. The development of my country’s rubber industry is mainly to be driven by the vapor
    The vehicle industry, which has led to the development of its upstream industries, and supports the rapid growth of the national economy. The following figure can see the position of the chemical industry chain of the rubber industry in the chemical industry chain, as well as the relationship with the upstream and downstream industries.
    The total industrial output value of the rubber industry in 2006 was 273.286 billion yuan, an increase of 24.08%year -on -year, and sales revenue was 26
    9.842 billion yuan, an increase of 26.85%, and the total profit was 11.104 billion yuan. %.

    The economic operation of the rubber industry in 2006 is not good, the overall profitability of the industry has decreased, the debt repayment capacity is good, the development of
    slows down, and the operating capacity gradually increases. The main reason for the decline in profitability is that raw materials natural rubber and synthetic rubber
    The price of prices has risen sharply, leading to rising costs, and the price of rubber products has risen smaller. The upper and lower squeezing caused the profit space of the rubber industry to shrink. In addition, the export strip
    has deteriorated, which slows down the growth rate of rubber products that depend on exports.

    The macroeconomic growth in 2007. The rubber industry association has formulated industry development planning and strengthened industry self -discipline and
    . Government departments have reduced some rubber products taxes. These favorable factors will reduce rubber Industry risk. The other side
    , the cost, the increase in competition, and the worsening export environment, these negative factors will increase the risk of the rubber industry. Total
    The body seems to have risen risks in the rubber industry.
    The economic operation of rubber manufacturing companies in 2006 shows that small enterprises have better profitability and poor profitability;
    private enterprises have good profitability, foreign companies, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment enterprises have poor profitability; non -tire rubber manufacturing Corporate profits are better than
    , and tire manufacturing companies have poor profitability.

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