Why is the yacht so expensive?

I really want to know why the price of yachts is so expensive. Is its manufacturing cost really about high than the plane?

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  1. The materials, equipment, and accessories required for yachts are sophisticated.
    The yachts are high -end durable consumer products on water entertainment, and the design of the yacht is superb. Yachts such as fashion and crafts, especially luxury yachts, are a symbol of consumers’ identity and status, so they have high requirements for design.
    Bee design must be accumulated for a long time, because the design as the first step in manufacturing yachts involves the rationality of the space layout in the later construction. The error, so design is a vital link.
    The materials, equipment, and accessories required by the boat are sophisticated. Yacht consumption is at sea and water. In addition to being beautiful and comfortable, it also requires strong safety performance. Therefore, there are special requirements for boats, boat equipment, and interior decoration of the boat. For example, the boat material must have sufficient stiffness and intensity, not easy to deform and damage. The equipment requires the use of yacht -specific equipment.
    The cost of yacht:
    1. The yacht not only requires a beautiful appearance design, high -end internal equipment components, but also very particular about the internal decoration. Essence And during the decoration process, it is necessary to consider safety, comfort and convenience for any details. This not only requires superb craftsmanship, but only sophisticated workers can consider more thoughtfully.
    2. China has higher requirements for luxury taxes and fees. At present, a foreign imported yacht needs to pay 40%of the price of the yacht.

  2. The consumer market faced by the yacht industry is relatively small, so a single type of yacht production is not high, but each yacht must be equipped with design costs and mold costs. Most yacht manufacturers provide customized services, so the yacht itself cannot be mechanized large -scale, and several famous yacht manufacturers in the world still use experienced artisans for manual production. Toyota has developed a yacht using mechanized production. The hull is an aluminum alloy integrated stamping molding power system from the car engine improvement from the factory, but the overall cost of sales has not decreased.
    yacht price:
    yacht price ranges from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. The price of large luxury yachts is generally tens of millions of yuan. Between two million, as the size of the yacht and the luxurious decoration inside increased, prices also increased. The price of different yachts is different. Generally speaking, yachts made in Taiwan are 2/3 of the price of yachts made of American yachts, half of Italy, and British yachts are higher.

  3. Guizhou is speculating. In fact, his real value is not so exaggerated. Because yacht he is mainly an entertainment tool that provides rich people around the world. What do you say that the rich uses things, will it be expensive? Now that famous cars can no longer bring the wealthy, the rich is compared to yachts

  4. It is not easy to create a yacht for ten steps
    . It is not easy to create a yacht. It takes ten steps to complete a yacht.
    The first step: the design of the drawing;
    Step 2: switch to the drawing of the drawing into the entity, and come out of a general appearance;
    After the construction of the entity, a hull part is produced after construction;
    The fourth step: use the FRP to create the hull part;
    : Modern water, take out the product;
    : Construction, the additional part of the additional part on the hull;
    : Eighth: He Long, cover the hull with the upper up;
    No. 1 Step: Decoration, install the electromechanical device on the hull;
    Step 10: The ship department is tested.

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