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  1. According to the classification of the actor association to the actor, the masses are the most common categories. There is no threshold for doing group performances. Men and women over 18 years of age can only be healthy. There are no requirements for the image and acting skills. It is one of the people in the play. No one cares about who you are.
    The group performances are calculated in 10 hours a day, and 100%of the work union of 100 yuan is made of 10%, and it is 90 yuan; Add 10 yuan in the front, 1 hour, 10 yuan, lying on the corpse plus 10 pieces. In the summer of 35 degrees Celsius, if it is 10 yuan, 10 pieces of ordinary costume cloth, 30 armor plus 30 yuan, and so on.
    The group performances are called “prospects”. They usually appear in the camera in the camera, but they do not speak. As long as the face is strong, the “prospect” can be done, and the salary is calculated at 16 hours a day.
    During the cold winter of the industry, the group showed a group of short videos:
    For most group performances, for the “star dream”, the price they paid was to hold unstable and low income. This also makes them even more difficult in the cold winter of film and television.
    If CCTV reporters visited Hengdian Film and Television Base in 2019, and found that only thirty crews on the scene started here, half less than the most. Many mass actors had to leave Hengdian because they couldn’t shoot, and those who still insisted on unwilling to leave, they simply started a live broadcast.
    The actor Yi Can said: This area is where our usual actors usually shoot. Many people’s actors transform and shoot videos are in this environment. Yi Chan told reporters that in the group performance of Hengdian, a considerable part of the transformation of short videos. This year’s play is not easy to pick up, and the group performances have formed a temporary team to hold the team to warm up.

  2. The specific procedure of going to Hengdian to be a mass actor is: After arriving at Hengdian, you must first find a house, and sign a written lease agreement with the landlord, indicate the landlord’s name call, and then go to the Hengdian Actor Guild. Things and their own ID cards, go to the police station where the house is located to apply for a temporary residence permit, and then go to the CCB of CCB to apply for a CCB card, and buy a short number of Hengdian mobile phones. Finally There are two short mobile numbers, two inch photos, 10 yuan for RMB, and then return to the Hengdian Actor Association to apply for an actor certificate, waiting for the actor guild to arrange the work of mass actors.
    The premise of all procedures is that you must be over 18 years old. And from the end of June to the beginning of September each year, the people actors are stopped during the summer vacation and one month before and after the Spring Festival. There are still some requirements for mass actors in Hengdian, short hair, long black hair, long black hair, and obvious parts of the body cannot have tattoos. In addition, there may be any actors who encounter any actors. This is a girl who does not play that is also refused to shoot, otherwise it will suddenly refuse to shoot some shots on the set to cause the crew to cause hundreds of thousands of huge losses. You are responsible for compensation!
    The salary is 70-100 yuan per day. It may not be time to work once in the new go. On average, it can be more than half a month every month. There are also, but after a long time, it can basically ensure that every month will be alive every month. Box lunch on the set, usually eat and live. Note that in Hengdian, do not believe in any person who claims to help you. Most of them are scammers who lie to your money.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, obey the law, have no bad social records, love film and television performances, abide by the “horizontal drift” actor convention, and obey the management of the actor guild. Hairstyle requirements: Men’s short black hair, long black hair (over -the -shoulder). 2. Location of the Location of Certificate of Hengdian Film and Television City Actor Association Address: Hengdian Film and Television Industry Experimental Zone Huaxia Park studio No. 8 (opposite Huaxia Cultural Park Scenic Area) III. Preparation of materials before applying for a certificate 1. Hold your ID card to the Office of the Actor Association’s Office of the Actor Association. The work contact form, go to the Hengdian Police Station to apply for a temporary residence permit. 2. Preparation materials: 1 original and photocopy of ID card, 1 copy of the temporary residence permit, 1 inch of one -inch photo, my bank card number in Jinhua City (must be the Bank of China or CCB), Hengdian local mobile phone length and short number, the cost of the work cost, 10 yuan. 4. Apply for the actor’s passage time to 13: 30-15: 00 every Tuesday to Friday (if you do not receive an actor certificate on the holiday holiday) 5. Specific process of applying for a certificate 1. Go to the license to apply for a personal information form first, and use the black pen to make the individual The information is filled in complete (the writing is required clearly). 2. Submit the license application materials: 1 personal information form, original ID, one copy of the ID card, one copy of the temporary residence permit, 1 inch of one photo, and 10 yuan in work fee. 3. After the license is accepted, please wait in the rest area. After 15:00, participate in the pre -post training of actors after the certificate is completed. 4. After the training, the unified certificate is issued. The newcomer who just came to Hengdian was to rent a house first, and the house should be rented near the Old Trade Union of Hengdian (next to the Dazhi Zen Temple) or near the Wanhao Hao Hotel. The house does not wait 200 to 700 in January, depending on the personal economic situation. After renting the house, ask the landlord’s name and telephone number (to apply for a temporary residence permit) 2 is to apply for the Hengdian mobile number card (the card number is as 152 as much as possible as much as possible. Next to the Tourism Building) [When applying for a bank card, it is recommended to open a mobile phone message business, which is conducive to understanding the salary to the account. After applying for a temporary residence permit on the Public Security Bureau, the public security went to the new trade union. The actor’s certificate handles the salary of the new trade union for 40 a day, 8 hours a day, and 5 yuan for an hour. 2 groups 70 a day 8 hours, over an hour of 10 yuan. 3 Special divided into small special. (The minimum salary of the minimum of 150 yuan will exceed 12 hours. There will be a special exceeding 24 hours of salary of 200 or more.

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