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    The groove pipeline groove pipelines are a new type of steel pipe connecting pipeline, also called card hoop connection, which has many advantages. The design specification of automatic water spray fire extinguishing system proposes that the connection of the system pipeline should be connected to the groove -type connector or wire buckle, and the flange connection; the diameter in the system is equal to or greater than
    100mm. Connect connection. First of all, make a general introduction to the groove pipeline: 1. Overview of the groove pipeline connection technology, also known as the card hoop connection technology, has become the first promotion technology for the current liquid and gas pipeline connection, although the development time of this technology in the country is later than the domestic development time than the domestic development time than the domestic development time than the domestic development time is later than that of domestic development. Foreign abroad, but due to the advanced nature of its technology, it was quickly accepted by the domestic market. From the development and development in 1998 to the present, after a few years of development and application, the two traditional pipeline connections of flange and welding have been gradually replaced. Not only is it more technically mature, the market is also generally recognized, but also has been actively guided by national regulations and policies. The application of groove pipeline connection technology makes the complex pipeline connection process simple, fast, and convenient. Make the pipeline connection technology a big step forward. 2. Introduction of the groove pipelines The grooves include two large categories: ① The pipes that connect the sealing effect are rigid connectors, flexible joints, mechanical three -tech and groove -type flange; Heads, three links, four passage, different diameter tubes, blind boards, etc. There are three parts of the groove pipelines that are connected to the sealing effect: sealing rubber rings, card holes and lock bolts. The rubber sealing ring located in the inner layer is placed on the outside of the connected pipe, and it is consistent with the pre -rolled grooves. Then, the card hoop is buckled outside the rubber ring, and then tightened with two bolts. Because its rubber sealing ring and card hoop adopt a unique sealing structural design, the groove connector has a good sealing, and the sealing properties are increased accordingly as the fluid pressure in the tube is increased. 3. Advantages of the connection between the groove pipelines 3.1 The connection operation of the simple groove pipe parts is very simple. It does not require special professional skills. Ordinary workers can operate after simple training. This is because the product has dissolved a large number of fine technology parts into the finished product in factory. It takes only a few minutes to connect a pipeline, which simplifies the technical difficulty of on -site operation, saving working hours, and stabilizing the quality of the project and improving the efficiency of work. This is also the overall direction of the development of installation technology. The pipeline connection method of traditional welding and flange connection not only requires welding workers with corresponding skills, but also timely, workers’ operations are difficult, and there are contamination of welding smoke. Due to the differences in operating space and welding skills, the welding quality and appearance are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, which affects the overall quality of the project. In addition, because the groove pipes are the finished parts, the operation space required at the scene can be truly installed against the corner of the wall, which can be greatly reduced, which is greatly reduced, thereby saving the area and beautifying the effect of pipeline installation. 3.2 The original characteristics of the pipeline are not affected by the connection of the grooves. Only a groove is squeezed out of the tank machine on the outer surface of the pipeline, instead of destroying the inner wall structure of the pipeline. This is a unique technical advantage of the groove pipeline connection. If traditional welding operations are adopted, many inner walls that have done anticorrosive layers will be destroyed. Therefore, the galvanized pipeline is specified, and the steel pipes and steel plastic composite pipes are not allowed to be connected to the flange, otherwise it is necessary to deal with it. 3.3 It is conducive to the construction safety of the groove pipeline connection technology. The on -site only needs to be moved by cutting machines, roller tanks and button tight bolts. The construction organization is convenient. The use of welding and flange connection requires complex power cables, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene gas cylinders. Essence At the same time, welding slag generated by welding and gas cutting inevitably fall into the pipeline. It is easy to generate pipe valve parts or even equipment blockage in the use, and also pollute the water quality in the pipe. In addition, welding and flange connections inevitably need long -term high -intensity high -altitude operations, and it is also prone to production safety accidents. 3.4 The system stability is good, and the maintenance of convenient grooves has unique flexible characteristics, so that the pipeline has the ability to resist vibration, contraction and expansion. Compared with welding and flange, the stability of the pipeline system increases. It is more suitable for changes in temperature, thereby protecting the pipe valve parts and reducing the destruction of the pipeline stress on the structural parts. Due to the simple connection operation of the groove pipeline, the required operation space becomes smaller, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced, you can replace, rotate, and modify a section of pipeline just to loosen two card holes. No need to destroy the surrounding walls, reduce maintenance time and maintenance costs. 3.5 Economic analysis has good economic benefits due to the simple operation of the groove pipelines and the time of labor and labor. Many articles have done economic analysis, saying that “the use of card holes is connected. Although the price of single accessories of the card hoop is high, the comprehensive benefits of the entire pipe network installation are higher than the flange connection.” In comparison, the articles connect to the second galvanized processing (which must be done according to the requirements according to the specifications).
    The number of manufacturers of Weifang gutter pipelines is large, and the scale is not uniform. It is necessary to conduct field inspections of target factories to understand the specific situation.

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