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  1. Summary of the special governance work of gas safety
    The summary refers to a written review and analysis of social groups, enterprise units, and individuals to study, work or completion at a certain stage, and obtain a written in writing for lessons and regular understanding. Materials, it can effectively exercise our language organizational ability, let us take the time to write a summary. So what format is there? The following is a summary of the special governance work of gas safety that I have carefully organized. It is for reference only. Welcome everyone to read.

    In order to solve the prominent problems in social governance, Zhongcun Street combines the actual situation of the area to carry out the special governance of gas safety in the entire street, strengthen responsibilities, refine measures, pay close attention to rectification to ensure rental The comprehensive rectification of house gas safety has achieved practical results.
    1 is to strengthen organizational leadership and carefully organize deployment. Establish the leading group of the special governance work of gas safety in the street to strengthen the implementation of responsibilities and comprehensively promote the various tasks of the special rectification operation of gas safety. Formulate a new phase of rectification action plan, clarify the key, tasks, goals, and scope of rectification work, and require the street workstation to plan and carefully deploy in advance according to the division of responsibilities and time nodes to ensure the full coverage of the hidden dangers of gas, leaving no blind spots.
    It is a comprehensive and in -depth investigation, classification and management. Start the “White Black” inspection model to conduct a pull -net “washing building” investigation of the rental house in the jurisdiction. While strengthening the basic information data collection of Lai Sui personnel, it focuses on checking the hidden dangers of various types of gas in the rental house and registered one by one. And implement classification management. The rental houses that have been installed with electric water heaters are listed as “assured households” to implement one monthly tour. The rental houses that have installed gas water heaters in violation of regulations are listed as “key regulators”, and each weekly tour is implemented. Since the beginning of this year, the street has inspected more than 123,000 rental houses and found 4,655 hidden safety hazards.
    three is to strengthen departmental linkage and form a joint force. The streets integrated with functional departments such as spikes, urban management, fire protection, and police stations, continued to carry out the “clear zero” rectification operation of hidden gas hazards, and strongly rectified the problems of gas dangers such as gas water heaters, gas appliances such as gas water heaters, gas appliances in the rental house, and conducted ” The “review” action to ensure that the rectification does not go through the field, no dead ends, hidden dangers will not rebound. Since the beginning of this year, the street has carried out a total of 17 special rectification operations of gas, 1,640 water heaters were demolished in violation of regulations, and 125 gas equipment was replaced.
    four is to increase publicity and enhance safety awareness. Through WeChat, SMS, promotional banners, and homeowners’ conferences such as various forms of publicity of gas safety knowledge and conducting warning education, etc., the owner’s responsibility is compacted. Combined with the investigation of the household, the people have always sent publicity materials to explain the common sense of gas safety and improve their safety consciousness and risk avoidance capabilities. Since the beginning of this year, the street has produced 88 publicity banners, 500 publicity posters, and sent more than 60,000 publicity orders. 538 rental owners and tenants are set up. Prompt 260,000.

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