Zhang Yiming is worth $ 59.4 billion in super horses. Why can he become the richest man in China?

5 thoughts on “Zhang Yiming is worth $ 59.4 billion in super horses. Why can he become the richest man in China?”

  1. According to the Forbes Ranking, Zhang Yiming’s worth has reached 59.4 billion US dollars, which directly surpassed the double horse and became the richest man with a well -deserved Chinese Internet industry. In the ranking of China as a whole, his worth is second only to the founder of Nongfu Spring, Zhong Yan, and is the second largest rich in China. The reason why he can achieve today’s achievements is the success of several major products, such as T and D sound. It is now since the media, and Zhang Yiming, who has later lived, has gradually surpassed other companies.

    1. Zhang Yiming’s richest people in the Internet. According to media reports, in the ranking of the rich in China, Zhang Yiming has surpassed Ma Huateng and Ma Yun, and has become the richest man in the domestic Internet with a value of $ 59.4 billion. Now his worth is second only to the domestic bell, which is the second richest man. Even in the world, this value is high. Forbes ranking shows that the world’s value ranking Zhang Yiming has entered the top 20. After the news appeared, many people were shocked. After all, the previous Internet was the leader of the double horse, and Zhang Yiming’s appearance was really surprising.

    2, Zhang Yiming, the most famous products, is the product of its own company, especially the D sound and T bars. There is a unique position. Although K hands and w are chased slowly behind, there is still a certain gap from it. The most important thing is that now the short video field includes a lot of content, such as live broadcasts and goods, just a D sound, which has become the hegemon in several fields.

    3, Zhang Yiming also has a trend of Internet companies that have retired behind the scenes in recent years, that is, the company’s representative founder has retired behind the scenes. For example, Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, Huang Yan, etc. Zhang Yiming was no exception. He once issued a post saying that he decided to step down as the CEO position. According to him, the company has reached a certain point and must seek breakthroughs to move forward. Now he stepped down to find opportunities to coordinate the overall situation.

  2. It is because Zhang Yiming’s company is very powerful, the company’s business is very outstanding, and it is welcomed by many people, so he can become the richest man.

  3. It is because his company is particularly powerful, and then creates a particularly high value value, the stock price is particularly high, and the number of users is particularly large.

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