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  1. The ox obtains a single quantity by contacting the merchant, charges the fees from several merchants at a lower price, and then sells the collected single quantity to courier outlets at a lower price to earn the difference from it. This is the most basic operation of the courier scalpel. In the process, the merchant got the courier list at a lower price. The ox withdrawing the cost. The profit space of the grass -roots outlets was compressed, but it could get more single quantities.
    In in the courier network, the shipping costs of different franchise outlets are not the same. The shipping price from the headquarters is also different. The headquarters will also give different rebates based on the performance of the outlets. The cattle chase exactly the lower single ticket price. If the units of the courier of B place are lower than the A place, when the profit can be chart, the ox will transport the courier of A to the place B to ship. The courier purchased from various places from various places is called “peripheral parts” in the industry.
    The existence of oxen, at first glance, is like “lubricating oil”, but it is actually a “vampire” that disrupts the market order and continues to deteriorate the living environment of grass -roots outlets. At the time of the express price war, the courier price has been repeatedly lowered, which is undoubtedly a major benefit for the ox that has a large number of e -commerce delivery needs. Behind the favorable is the courier point that is exhausted.
    For courier companies, the original intention of formulating different shipment prices for different outlets is understandable, but the problem is that for the objective existing “price depression”, oxen and the company’s internal collusion with oxen, whether the express companies can adopt each express company can adopt each courier company. Resolutely and effective measures are remedied. This not only has the healthy development of the industry and the survival of hundreds of thousands of grassroots outlets, but also 3.2 million express delivery practitioners’ clothing and food.

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