What are the suggestions or experience sharing of the hotel industry to switch?

I have been engaged in the hotel service industry for many years. What should I do?

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  1. Then depending on what direction you did before? And what do you want to turn? Many companies from the hotel still want. You can choose to do some hotel supporting industries. Sales on the upstream industry consumables of the hotel. Sales hotel development of the tavern system. Including the downstream business of the hotel. Hotel booking, etc. are all possible.
    but wanting to change from an industry to an industry that has never been touched. This process is more difficult. So personal suggestions do not switch career. At most, parallel push. In short, it is still related to your original. After all, some of these experiences can be used.
    The specific work is transferred. What you need to do the exhibition is to sell. As long as you can warm up with the person in charge of the client, the other is to do a plan, and then outsourcing to check it yourself.
    The talent in hotel management is very needed. People who have worked in a hotel can go. Switch to the Studios of Studios, and there are some units who need to recruit the person in charge of the hotel business because they need to contact the hotel.

  2. If the hotel industry wants to switch careers, you can engage in related industries, because some of the service consciousness in the hotel industry are relatively thoughtful. You can go to the training institution to train the hotel employees. Professional talents, more importantly, are relatively competitive in the hotel industry, so it is also easy to transform the training industry.

  3. Hello, I can understand your thoughts, and those who can work in a five -star hotel are generally big guys, for the service industry!

    The ability to deal with practical problems is first -class because Star -grade hotels from knowledge language or communication!

    It must be from the outside or inside, you are excellent!

    The change of work, like a mountain across the mountain, can you blend your professional ability and experience well, and then change the field. The answer is feasible!

    The English is good, of course, the qualification certificate for the teacher, so that you will have a lot of life experience to communicate with students!

    The communication ability is strong, experienced, to do foreign trade, e -commerce is feasible!

    The people, you may not have thought about being management, or in -depth development in the current field, or tired of this environment, so you want to change jobs!

    If you personally closely because of salary, you do not really hate hotel management, you may wish to expand more knowledge fields, learn more things, find your own lack, and then improve. If it is really difficult and unable to climb, the salary is still not worth the value, then change the industry!

  4. I have been engaged in the hotel service industry for many years. I want to switch career. According to my current conditions, what should I do? Ask the tall guidance! Intersection Writing and answering is reward

    The people in the hotel service industry for many years. I want to switch career. According to my current conditions, what should I do? Ask the tall guidance! Intersection
    has a short pass, please read it patiently …
    Meoster people, who came to Beijing for many years, have been studying in Beijing school from kindergarten to high school. First, a professional high school study high school (the school’s general melting) liberal arts course was selected due to account issues. I was not eligible for the college entrance examination, so I was assigned to an internship of a hotel by the school. After graduating (high school graduation certificate), after 5 years, it is still in the hotel industry. At present, the front desk is in charge. Obviously I felt that I was no longer young, age 25.
    In the middle of 2013, I signed up for the Sande self -examination. But it is not particularly profound), and the graduation certificate issued by the famous university, taking classes every Sunday every Sunday. However, because of the problem of work in work, I always feel very exhausted, and I feel that I am unhappy, study, and I do n’t seem to care about Zhouquan, and I regret that I have continued their self -study academic degree without graduating from high school. I regret it.
    The is determined to leave the hotel industry now. I have sorted out the following conditions. I hope that the majority of netizens give good suggestions:
    175cm, correct appearance, Mandarin standard, English ability average, 5 years of work, 5 years of work, for 5 years, With certain social experience, I have exercised serious and meticulous, hard -working and hard -working, and have a strong sense of responsibility. The Office series office software can be used well, but I am not proficient, but I have a strong curiosity and can master the fastest time.
    Id I feel the biggest confusion now is that in addition to being able to do hotels, I really do n’t know what else can I do. I don’t know what I am suitable for doing, because I do n’t have the experience of college life, I always feel that there is a blank space in life that cannot be filled. Even now I am confused. I don’t know my direction. Is there any professional professional evaluation? Solve. And my current wish is just to find a job of non -hotel industry. It can normally nine nights and sixth, and rest on weekends. It doesn’t matter if you do anything. That’s it. That’s it. The humble ideas …)
    The ideal job in my heart is to become a company executive, or the white -collar family. As for what industry, I don’t know, and I don’t understand.
    I I am really confused. I think there is still a chance now. Maybe it ’s not old. As long as I can do my favorite job, I can really pay 200%to learn to change myself! Intersection Intersection Intersection
    sometimes I will say my marriage problem. When I think of this, I feel very stressful. Although I do n’t have a girlfriend and do n’t want to have it, I do n’t want to grow up after all. I don’t know anything …
    The tutorial book I bought, I am studying, I see very

  5. Before you are determined to change the industry to continue to work hard, the first thing to work in the workplace is to correctly judge whether he should switch career.

    1. Determine whether you are suitable for switching at
    , although the degree of occupational freedom rises, it is still reasonable as the phrase across the mountain. Master the skills may not be used, and you need to spend energy to learn things in new areas. If the industry is too large, it is necessary to re -accumulate the relationship between people in the industry. Since there are so many restrictions on switching, what kind of talents are suitable for switching?
    2. What should be paid attention to when turning
    It can combine your own situation to list your advantages and disadvantages, the current opportunities and factors that hinder the transfer, and to clearly listed each item to compare each item to each item. Yes, screen out external career opportunities related to your own advantages, and gradually solve the factors that hinder your switching, so that you will be more clear about how to go every step on the road to transfer.
    In in recent years, everyone should have heard a word called “Slip Youth”. This refers to many skills. In addition to the main business, people who work or open up their sidelines in other fields. May wish to try some of the energy to transfer to the industry, use their own skills to do some related part -time jobs, and increase their understanding of this industry. If you find that after testing the water, it is almost the same as your expectations, and then complete the transfer.
    In short, if you want to switch career, in addition to thinking about whether you are suitable or not, you must also consider the effects of your own mentality, occupational positioning and other factors.

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