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  1. The employment prospects of marketing majors should include the following aspects: 1. The direction of talent training should meet the current and future needs of enterprises and society, and at the same time, it is also close to the characteristics of higher vocational education. According to market surveys, the current social and enterprises’ demand for marketing and logistics majors includes three levels: 1. Strategic talents, 2. Management talents, 3. Technical and skillful talents. As far as marketing majors are concerned, 1. Strategic marketing talents include marketing project planning and planning talents, marketing teaching scientific research and training talents. They are engaged in the research of corporate marketing strategies and development directions, have keen market forecasting capabilities, can in -depth analysis of the marketing macro environment and micro -environment, and be familiar with the overall marketing activities of enterprises and industries, and various processes and links. 2. Management marketing talents refer to the operation of the business activities of enterprises or industries, and can be competent in all aspects of the business management of enterprises. With good coordination capabilities, it has accumulated certain marketing skills, and has knowledge, experience, and quality related to other aspects related to marketing. 3. Application marketing talents are engaged in specific marketing work in enterprises, mainly including: market surveys, promotion, and sales. The development of social and enterprises for talents is multi -level, and from the perspective of the positioning and characteristics of higher vocational education, our skill type and application -oriented talents are the basic direction of the training and positioning of our college and marketing. Sustainable development and meet the needs of personalized, and properly offer some courses that meet the requirements of intermediate capabilities. 2. Professional job groups require students to have good professional skills, but also require excellent professional quality. Through investigation, we learned that the job groups of marketing majors cover enterprises, institutions and government departments, and have a very extensive employment field. Make the following descriptions of the positions of marketing majors: 1. The salesperson or supervisor of the sales department of the enterprise; 2. Promotionists and salespersons of retail companies or wholesale companies; 3. Market survey of corporate marketing departments, Information statistics, after -sales service and other positions 4. Enterprise marketing planning and market forecasting personnel; 5. related positions of various consulting companies. In fact, as long as the students’ own positioning is appropriate, the employment situation and prospects of marketing majors are better, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, almost all industries, and various companies need these two majors. However, good professional skills are just a basic platform and pass during employment, which can make graduates more room for development. At the same time, the reason for attracting enterprises to cooperate with our school and combine work and work. Excellent professional quality. Such as: professional loyalty, professionalism, team spirit, self -learning ability, innovation ability, etc. Individual students can also start a business by themselves. 3. Professional courses to lay theoretical foundation for employment, and at the same time, we must fully hone social practical ability. The leading direction of marketing majors is promoters and salespersons. It is mainly linked to the professional qualification certificate of marketing majors. The purpose is to enable students to achieve the requirements for the testing ability of intermediate and senior salespersons (marketers). Pioneering knowledge or deepening skills. The main courses include: marketing, consumer behavior, business etiquette and negotiations, statistics and market research, sales business management other courses include: commodity and commodity circulation, accounting, international trade, e -commerce, contract law training: Market survey training, business etiquette and negotiation training, sales training is closely linked to society and commercial enterprises, and the theory and practice are also very close. Capability meets the needs of society to improve social benefits and economic benefits. On the other hand, students can form a good practical ability through training, posting internships, and engineering, laying a solid foundation for future employment
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