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  1. Ball ink cast iron gardeniah cover manufacturers
    1, Huizhou Zhongzhizhi Road Facilities Co., Ltd.
    Main products: well cover balls ink cast iron manhole cover, composite resin manhole cover, stainless steel manhole cover, rainwater mule, ditch cover, cement products, etc. Federation of well cover.
    The: No. 289, Guangshi Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City.
    2, Beijing Xingye Emerging Pipeline Co., Ltd.
    MS: cast iron pipe manufacturer, mechanism cast iron pipe, ball and iron pipe, flexible cast iron pipe, cast iron drainage pipe, type A cast iron pipe, type B cast iron pipe, W Type cast iron pipe.
    The address: 420 meters west of the villagers’ committee of Fozizhuang Village, Fozizhuang Township, Fangshan District, Beijing.
    Established time: 2013-01-17.
    3, Sichuan Jinhong Municipal Facilities Co., Ltd.
    MS: Sichuan high molecular manhole cover, ball ink cast iron manhole cover, Chengdu stainless steel manhole cover, polymer water dumplings, ditch lids, cashmere cast iron, water, stainless steel water water, stainless steel water water water water Grasson factory.
    : No. 19, West 3, West 3rd, Second Ring Road, Chengdu.
    Established time: 2009-10-27.
    4, Weifang Qiming Machinery Co., Ltd.
    M main product: cast iron manhole cover, ball ink cast iron manhole cover, cast iron dumplings, ball ink cast iron dumplings.
    The address: No. 8 BMW Street, Xiashan Street, Xiashan District, Weifang City, Shandong Province.
    Established time: 2010-04-30.
    5. Cangzhou Yongxin Casting Co., Ltd.
    Stocks: ball milling iron to water, drainage pipes, ball cast iron wells, wells, rainwater mules.
    Established time: 2009-10-20.

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