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  1. Catering target customers basically describe the geographical location and consumption level positioning of your restaurant, such as the target customers for white -collar workers, young people, time urgency, lunch or dinner, etc.!
    In the step method of finding “target customers”:
    1, finding method
    It international and domestic trading meetings, such as the Canton Fair, High Communication, SME Expo, etc. Trading is more important to find customers, contact feelings, and communicate. Enter the “Trading Conference” or “Exhibition” in the online search engine to come out many international and domestic exhibitions.
    2, organizing method
    This method is essentially the “data review and search method”. Existing customers, units contacted by enterprises, participants in enterprises (such as public relations, market surveys) participants, etc. Wait, their information should be well processed and preserved. The accumulation of these materials to a certain extent is a wealth.
    3, consultation method
    If some industry organizations, technical service organizations, consulting units, etc., they often concentrate a large amount of customer information and resources, as well as related industries and market information. Finding customers by consulting is not only one of them Effective channels can sometimes get services, help and support of these organizations, such as in terms of customer contact, introduction, market entry plan suggestion.
    4. The entrusting assistant
    Moly used in foreign countries. Generally, the salesperson entrusts specific people to collect information in their own business area or customer base to understand the relevant customers to understand the relevant customers. In the market, information information, etc., there are also domestic enterprises, that is, the salespersons are entrusted to provide relevant personnel to provide some information about products and sales on a regular basis between the middlemen of the enterprise.

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