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  1. Psychological purchase motivation refers to the motivation to purchase goods caused by psychological processes such as recognition, emotions, will. It is much more complicated than the need for motivation, emphasizing satisfaction with spiritual needs. Consumers’ psychological motivation mainly includes the following three aspects:
    (1) Emotional motivation. Emotional motivation is the motivation caused by human emotions and emotions. This kind of purchase motivation can be divided into two forms: one is the emotional purchase motivation of low -level forms. It is caused by emotions such as happiness, gratitude, love, curiosity. This purchase motivation generally has the characteristics of impulse and instability. For example, a good book, a good game software, and a new product are suddenly found on the Internet, which can easily produce impulsive emotional purchase motivation. There is also a motivation for emotional purchases with high -level forms. It is caused by people’s morality, aesthetics, honor, sense of group sense, etc., and has great stability and profound characteristics. For example, buy gifts for the needs of friendship, for gifts to relatives and friends.
    (2) Righteous motivation. The rational motivation is based on the objective understanding of the goods. Through learning, using knowledge and experience, the motivation for purchasing after analysis, comparison, and thinking. The motivation for the purchase of online consumers is based on the objective understanding of people’s objective understanding of products sold online. Most of the online shoppers are young and middle -aged (and most men), and have high analysis and judgment ability. Their purchase motivation is only produced after repeated comparison of various online shopping malls. The characteristics, performance, and use methods they want to buy have long been in their hearts. The motivation to buy motivation is objective, thorough and controlled. The online consumption purchase motivation driven by the motivation driven by rational purchase is the first thing to pay attention to is the advanced nature, scientificity and quality of the commodity, and the second only to pay attention to the economy of the commodity.
    The formation of online marketing motivation is basically controlled by rationality, and less affected by the external atmosphere.
    (3) Guiden motivation. The motivation of Hui Gu is also called a habitual motivation. It is based on emotional and rational motivation. Special trust and preferences to specific websites, icon advertisements, and products are repeated and habitually purchased
    Motivation. The formation of the motivation has gone through the process of human will. In terms of it, or due to the convenience of search engines, the eye -catching icon advertising, and the attraction of the content of the site; Established a reliable reputation. In this way, when online consumers establish a purchase target for themselves, they first establish the purchase target in their minds, and overcome and exclude the attraction and interference of other similar level products in each purchasing activity, and complete the purchase operation in accordance with the goal determined in advance. Online consumers with motivation for patronization are often loyal viewers at a certain station.

  2. Psychological motivation is a psychological motivation for buying motives caused by people’s understanding 、 emotional 、 will and other psychological processes. This kind of purchasing motivation is based on the objective understanding of the objective understanding of the products sold online. Most of the online shoppers are young and middle -agedn

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