How is the current status of the optical laser labeling machine laser industry? Is the market chaotic?

3 thoughts on “How is the current status of the optical laser labeling machine laser industry? Is the market chaotic?”

  1. The study of optical fiber laser has begun since the end of the 1980s. Because it can produce ultra -short pulses and has a very broad application prospect, countries around the world have shown great enthusiasm for the study of fiber -fiber laser. Compared with other types of laser, optical fiber lasers have high reliability, simple structure, low price, and high conversion efficiency. The most significant advantage of fiber laser is the high efficiency of pumping. Under normal circumstances, the pump conversion efficiency is 70 %-75 %, which is much higher than the solid laser (DPSSL) of the industrial two-level pump. Such a high conversion efficiency reduces the cooling and power needs of the laser system, which can be more compact than the structure of traditional solid laser. In addition, the full fiber structure can provide a very strong and highly reliable packaging design. Moreover, fiber laser can significantly enhance the beam quality of the output. Another important advantage is that the optical fiber laser technology can greatly extend the life of the device (compared to DPSSL). This advantage has made industrial laser companies focusing on fiber laser companies continuously increased their investment, because long -term reliability work at the application level is very good. important. The Shanghai Laser laser marking machine also has other advantages: because the laser medium of the fiber laser itself is itself a guide medium, which is highly efficient; optical fiber laser can easily connect with the optical fiber transmission system; Realize high power density; optical fiber has good heat dissipation performance, so optical fiber lasers have high conversion efficiency and low value; the output wavelength of fiber laser covers a wide range, from 400 to 3400nm, which can meet the application needs of all aspects. There are good application prospects in industrial and commercial, communications, military, medical and other aspects.

  2. During the continuous upgrade of manufacturing in the 21st century, laser equipment gradually replaced traditional old -fashioned equipment. Laser marking machines have become one of the most popular processing methods. Laser uses are very wide. At present, it is mainly used in communications, materials processing, printing, and military. R

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