1 thought on “Top Ten solid wood floor manufacturers in Jiangsu issued a declaration of integrity”

  1. On March 28, at the Jiangsu Floor Fair, the Jiangsu Wood Industry Association and several large solid wood flooring brands such as the Floor Flooring Floor held a press conference in Nanjing. Various brands have published a declaration of integrity at the press conference. The head of the Jiangsu Wood Industry Association and the top ten solid wood flooring enterprises in Jiangsu Province solemnly promise to the society: based on integrity, standardize operations, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. This is the most solemn Declaration of the floor industry in Jiangsu Senki Flooring Enterprise.
    . After more than ten years of rapid development in China’s floor industry, my country’s flooring industry has initially formed an industrial system with a certain production scale and a relatively complete industrial system. It has more than 3,000 companies and more than 1 million practitioners. The annual output value is 45 billion yuan, of which Jiangsu floor The development of the industry is particularly rapid, forming the five major floor industrial clusters of Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou. A number of well -known national floor brands have emerged. However, due to the large number of floor manufacturers, a few companies are inevitable. Such incidents have seriously impacted the credibility of the overall floor industry, and also showed problems such as the unevenness of the existence of the wooden floor industry. Therefore, the Wood Industry Association of Jiangsu Province actively responded and joined hands with the Top Ten solid wood flooring companies in Jiangsu to release the “Declaration of Honesty in Jiangsu Solid Wood Flooring Industry”:
    . Organize production in strict accordance with standards to ensure quality, real and complete indications Product marking;
    . Objective advertising, rational publicity, ensure the authenticity of the information, and not misleading consumers;
    . The name of the floor tree species we sell is fully complied with national standards. Those;
    4. Our levels are strictly referred to national standards, do not random standards, and set traps for consumers;
    . Our internal indicators follow the national level and clearly tell consumers that they do not perform falseness not to carry out false falsifications. Propaganda;
    6. We guarantee that the product is clearly told to consumers with clear origin;
    . We propose that sales and laying are not divided, otherwise it will easily cause push and cannot guarantee consumers’ interests;
    8. If consumers encounter problems, they can directly consult or complain to the industry association.
    The and trustworthy is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and the basic principles of the market economy. Personally, integrity seems to be a noble personality power, which is the foundation of standing; as far as enterprises are concerned, integrity is the inexhaustible resources of development and the foundation of the industry; in terms of industry, integrity is a good social image, and there is no industry. If you are unwilling, you do n’t have any faith.

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