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  1. I’m here to pay homework! Forgive me for a late patient with procrastination. Beijing attended the forum of “New Era and New Education” last weekend (November 2nd, No. 3). I only started a week … (Although after returning from Beijing, I have been working overtime to the early morning, but the delay is delay. I do n’t allow myself to refute myself)

    I want to share with you some ideas about childcare.

    If outlines

    The personal work career:

    graduated from preschool education, preschool students are not full -time graduate students, playing singing and jumping paintings five major five major Skills are more important to focus on pre -school theoretical research. The first -line experience of kindergarten is available in public and private, and both administrative teaching. The half -year early education institution runs a school, with the concept of partners and exits.

    The current work has nothing to do with preschool and education. It is an industrial design related industry. When you encounter a good leader, learn about the management of human resources management accounting financial enterprises, etc., and enrich your personal thinking structure.

    The above, I am a barbaric person: I have been admitted to the so -called stable public teachers and did not go; I graduated from a normal major, but only rely on teachers’ education. My own thinking structure is incomplete. There are many blind spots of thinking, and they have chosen non -normal work; they are interested and loved by preschool education, but they have not been able to devote themselves to the education field like their classmates. It is not easy to live, and live enough, since I know it, I love a line if I do it …

    As I comment on the public account of the “Super Early Education Expert”, I am with the childcare The relationship is practicalism. The original intention of going to the forum is also realistic and utilitarian:

    I. I have been preparing to write graduation thesis since last year. The theme has always been around the topic of “childcare”:

    It’s introduction from the beginning of China without related nursery policies. , Development process, etc.: “Research on the Research on Policies of Infant Trusted by 0-3-year-old infant childcare in Taiwan”-“Experience of the 0-3-year-old infant childcare service of OECD countries”-“Japan 0-3-year-old child career Integrated development process “and so on.

    In this year, the promulgation of the policy standards related to the nursery series, I have aimed at the development of the nursery in our country: from the professional growth of teachers in my country’s care institutions, to parents’ childcare needs and the needs of parents Satisfaction research, analysis and countermeasure research by the current status of employees at the 0-3-year-old childcare institution, and changes in children’s views during the implementation of the childcare policy …

    Stius manuscripts, about “0-0- The paper writing of the 3 -year -old care service research has fallen into the process of self -denial. I do n’t know how to find the focus of childcare, just as my graduate mentor said: the paper is realistic, not spending Tens of thousands of words tell you a nonsense “well -known” and “obvious” nonsense.

    . Although I started writing the paper for more than a year, I also read a lot of related childcare articles and went to the nursery institution, but I don’t know what is valuable and what is childcare. The point … I can’t find a topic that I am interested in and has research value.

    So I saw this meeting, I hope to get the opportunity to listen to learning to expand their horizons and learn more about childcare services.

    In the process of studying education, I borrowed my little brother who was more than two -year -old with my aunt to take class for different childcare institutions. Being able to run a care center.

    why is it a care institution? This is also a very selfish starting point. I am a woman. Although I am not married and there is no target, I am not unmarried. I have a plan to have children, and I will also become a mother. For parents, “child” is just a problem of birth. When he is born, it is good to raise him; for me, “child” is responsibility, which is related to all aspects of fertility, breeding, and education. And childcare is a complex of “childcare childcare” at the beginning of life. I believe that childcare is an important starting point for helping family parenting.

    On the other hand, it is a fancy support for the nursery institution for the group of “mothers”. Many times, as a “mother” and a woman in the workplace, there will be conflicts. I don’t know if a woman who wants a family and wants a career like me has enough luck to have strong family support? I am not sure how the “mother” group should not be derailed with society? I don’t know if I can bear the responsibility of “mother” and deal with the relationship between family and work …

    . As the author of “Ahead”, Sheriel Sandberg said : “There are many ways to allow women to get rid of the biological sense of the biological sense. If you get support from your husband and friends, many problems can be solved.” As far Women get rid of the duties of biological significance to a certain extent, so that women can be a real self, have the right to choose, realize their potential, and create the greatest self -worth.


    This to some extent, the above worry is that my “fear of marriage and fear” girl exaggerates the child’s pressure, amplifying the female “workplace ceiling” ” I do n’t know the fear ha ha ~

    but I believe I am not an individual. There will be a lot of women like me for the possibility of the future. Step on the brakes in the workplace. Before I got married, I thought of fertility, and it was already retreating in the workplace during the pregnancy. Although there was no practical difficulties at that time. Taking me as an example, my parents’ expectations for me is to work stable, and when you are young, you can wave, but you need to consider having a child: a stable work that is stable nine to five, although you can’t bring me too much to me too much Workplace progress is enough to allow me to devote more energy to the family while maintaining basic work.

    although there must be roads in front of the mountain. Before the difficulties are coming, there is no help. However, if I can, I want to grasp everything that may achieve greater results in the workplace, so as to face difficulties and challenges in the future, and strive for more options. If I can combine my workplace development with parenting, it is even better.

    It two days in Beijing, according to my interest point and practicalist needs, I mainly listen to the main forum on the opening ceremony on the morning of November 2; Discussion and practice; Sub -forum on the morning of November 3: Curriculum and teachers’ construction of childcare service institutions.

    I I would like to set up a framework for each teacher’s sharing theme in the form of a mind map and feedback to the audience of the platform of super early education experts. Many people may not have the opportunity. If I can sort it out, it can be counted as Sister Niu Niu’s choice and the voting activity of real gold and silver. (However, because the assignment time is approaching, the homework is not completed, so I think this part will be added and improved, and then come to make a summary with you, sorry ~)

    November 2, November 2nd The main forum of the morning opening ceremony

    The opening ceremony of the opening ceremony on the morning of November 2

    On the morning of November 2, the on -site childcare related books

    November 3rd Listening to a mirror of the salon on the morning of November 3

    At the end of the forum, I sent a circle of friends, and the central word was “see”. Not only because I like Chai Jing’s “Seeing”, but also because of this forum, I can see the existence of “people”: whether it is a child or a parent, or myself.

    In this complicated world, there are too many things. In this blind era, there are too few things to see. As stated in “Seeing”, “‘people’ are often intentionally or unintentionally ignored, covered by ignorance and prejudice, conceptual, and modified. These thinking are buried under unconscious. I often can’t see others, and I am familiar with ourselves. “Many times, we should stop, see the children, see parents, and look at ourselves.

    It as the forum said “2019, the first year of childcare service”, the release of various childcare policies has made the childcare become a wind outlet. It became the most dazzling star in the education industry. Funding continuously, the childcare nursery market has ushered in a large number of followers. New Nuo, Santon, Kangaroo Ma Ma, aunt, and exquisite childlike childcare have received financing. Jim, Golden Baby, etc. are also chasing at the end, and the nursery track is lively. The education industry is not a profit -seeking field. Any lively in violation of the laws of education will eventually return to silence. After experiencing the growth dividend period brought by policies, big waves will be more awe of the market.

    In a institution, almost all people (investors, principals, teaching directors, early education teachers, and head teachers) are thinking about how to make models, how to make standardization, and to be standardized, and How to make it into a chain, how can we make money, and how can it be full of gardens. We have never really thought about the children in the garden to grow better.

    The capital is right, but can an institution and teacher only make money, dividends, and commission can see children? How to achieve childcare for children? Will it ignore the importance of childcare and management emotions in children’s personality? Ignoring the professional guidance of the nursery center, the positive influence of children in terms of language development, physical health, social emotions, cognitive exploration, and art appreciation?

    In the next day’s “Curriculum and Teachers Construction of Earning Service Institutions and Teachers” in the next day, guest interactive links, many teachers raised their hands to share the guests. Copy “” Is there any course suitable for our institution “and so on. At that time, the guest answered the opening of the guest was that” everyone was particularly happy that everyone asked the course euphemistically instead of asking for the lesson of the lesson. How does my teacher class in the lesson plan? This is a pretty sad way “

    . If you take the lesson plan to class, you will become a teacher to dominate all education processes. Children, only see how to better complete the course and complete the teacher’s duties. After all, childcare and breeding is not a division of education. The curriculum content of the childcare project involves psychological development, physiological development, conservation, health care, education development and other content. The teacher creates a warm care environment for the child, puts appropriate materials and develops suitable activities. We put our children in the course center and should not take the course as a packaging product. It should be a dynamic and development process, and this whole process is generated by participating in the event through the infants and young children.

    The participants who care for childcare projects, the sense of responsibility is not only reflected in taking care of the children, but also from the perspective of young children, providing them with professional help, establishing a relationship with the family, understanding of young children, understanding children’s children’s. Psychological development, have the ability to observe individual observations, learn to interact with young children, and take responsibility for every child.

    The premise of all this is, first of all, you have to see your child! Only when you see your children can we continue to talk about the development model of the service service, the business management of infants and young children, the operation and management of the childcare institution, the curriculum and teacher construction of the nursery institution, and the international experience and local policies of the nursery service.

    In someone said; early education is the standing child’s position, and the childcare feels more on the mother’s position. I agree with this point. There are three recognized definitions of the definition of childcare: supplementation of family education; helping mothers’ parenting; helping infants and young children’s growth; obviously, consumption is to alleviate the pressure of parental parenting, and to parents for parents, but to parents Add strength.

    The domestic nursery institutions have introduced a lot of “tall” educational concepts, what Pikler’s concept, what PIE education method …, many foreign concepts, a bit of acceptance for me a bit acceptable to me What help can those families with dual -paying families and parenting be provided? The professional level of those teachers of the childcare institution can clearly tell parents to parents? I don’t want to question the professionalism of the teacher, but I really don’t like the current educational institutions on parenting issues, which is on the issue of parenting.

    It with Bella Class, a public account mentioned “Every mother who comes to the nursery center comes here with the complex mood of problems and expectations. What the theory of preaching to deepen her anxiety. “If I can, I hope that more nursery institutions can see parents and feel their pain and anxiety together with them, do their parenting help, childcare for parents to childcare Provide support for strength, teach parents how to understand their babies, and at the same time through the growth ladder evaluation system to help the baby’s development in the six major fields. “Dad is responsible for making money to support his family, and your mother is responsible for beauty, and you are responsible for professional babies.” It is not just empty talk.

    This is not easy to see others, and it is even more difficult to see yourself. Seeing myself, perhaps the biggest gain of my trip to Beijing this time.

    The founder of Sanhuangtang Nursing Park Teacher Wang Jian is sharing his theme, “Conservation Environment to Promote Yin Youwen’s Early Development from the Relationship of Teachers” is the method of Sanhuantang’s method of selecting teachers and three. One standard: enthusiasm, interesting, and moved.

    This moment, I suddenly saw myself, isn’t this my pursuit? Just like my name, I do n’t stop, I do n’t stop, I ’m afraid of the truth, and I have one inch of joy in one inch. It’ s good to keep it with enthusiasm, interesting, and being moved. (Of course, “seeing yourself” above is more of the matches of the rapid development of the times and their own ability, the self -question and negation of self -question … and so on.)

    Seeing “yourself”, reached a reconciliation with yourself, followed by himself, and his current self, and the future, because “I will experience”, “understand”, “understand” requires “constantly collapse, continuous reconstruction” Nothing can be “once and for all.” Finally, after taking a group photo, my shattered thoughts were over, and I thanked Sister Niu Niu and the team of super early education experts again. I have the opportunity to play together ~

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