Where can I find clothing processing?

I opened a clothing processing plant in Fuyang, Anhui, and 20 cars. Want to pick up the goods and go back to do it. It is best to work for a long time. Just started 2 months

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  1. How to find clothing processing orders:
    1. Through the introduction of friends in the circle, make more friends in the circle, and there are more friends. , Take the work of external hair;
    3, go to Tieba forum for forum clothing community platform to find clothing processing needs;
    4, find a factory to find orders, go to the Golden Point Clothing OEM platform, there are a large number of clothing processing orders here There are new orders every day to release, find the right one you can do, just quote and other buyers to contact.
    The demand for clothing processing has always existed, there are many ways to find clothing needs, try more, accumulate more

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