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  1. Special equipment mainly include eight categories: boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, elevators, lifting machinery, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities and field (factories).
    The characteristic: run at high temperature, high pressure, high -speed state, and have risks such as flammable, explosive, collision, and high -altitude falls. Once an accident occurs, it can easily lead to personal injuries, cause people’s panic, and social response. Special equipment safety work is directly related to the safety of the people’s life and property.
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    Special equipment refers to boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes, elevators, lifting machinery, passenger ropeways, large amusement facilities and fields involving life safety and greater risk. Factory) Internal motor vehicles. The design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and reconstruction of special equipment must obtain a permit party in accordance with the “Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations” before they can engage in related businesses.
    Special equipment within 30 days before or after being put into use, special equipment use units shall register with the special equipment safety supervision and management department. The registration sign should be placed or attached to the significant position of the special equipment. Special equipment use units shall submit regular inspection requirements to special equipment inspection and testing agencies in accordance with the regular inspection requirements of safety technical specifications to the expiration of safety inspection.

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