Which wedding companies in Hangzhou are better for wedding?

I’m about to get married. Essence I don’t know if those wedding companies are better. Essence Essence Come and ask everyone’s suggestions. Essence
Is really take a lot of thoughts. Essence Essence

2 thoughts on “Which wedding companies in Hangzhou are better for wedding?”

  1. I am also from Hangzhou, hehe, fellow.
    didn’t have many wedding websites in Hangzhou? You can go to see it. Generally, they have a lot of information about weddings. I personally recommend a wedding network. He is relatively systematic. A friend of me also participated in his activities to get a 3800 free MV. Envy me. MM can go and see! ~

  2. There are many, such as Yu Wei wedding, Effie wedding, flower products wedding, etc. I look at only weddingism, there are word of mouth, but these are really good. There is also a newcomer forum on weddingism, which can exchange experience or something.

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