Nanjing’s good word of mouth training IT school, do I want to learn IT?

The IT school in Nanjing is good

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  1. When selecting a training school, you must consider from multiple directions such as teachers, employment, and teaching atmosphere. Essence There are so many institutions that train IT. The core of the inspection should be the teacher’s teacher. Only by the faculty power enough can you ensure that you learn something. How can the teacher’s strength be guaranteed? At the same time, pay attention to the school’s qualifications, don’t be deceived;
    Secondly, the employment rate of the inspection institution is inspected. The purpose of participating in the training is to be better for employment in the future, so we also need to consider the employment rate of school graduation students. The employment rate can further reflect the school’s teachers. Nanjing Class Workshop College, you can refer to a few of them;
    again, to examine the school’s teaching atmosphere, choose a training institution with a school atmosphere, it is easier to learn things. In addition, if there is a good competitive relationship between students It will also drive your enthusiasm for learning;
    Finally, examine the school’s teaching environment. Since you have to go to school and study for a long time, the teaching environment of the school is very important. No one wants to be in the broken classroom Learn it, no one wants to even have an air conditioner in the summer dormitory, but if the first three aspects of the school are really superior, you can relax as appropriate!
    is not easy to adopt

  2. There are many Nanjing course workshops: generally for students who are more than a college degree or above, and the type of direct employment is fast. If you plan to go to work or switch to career, you can go to see it.
    In Nanjing Peking University Jade Bird: Students are younger, junior high school can be given priority, the learning content is more fine, and you can also take a college or bachelor’s degree.
    The Nanjing Zhongbo Software College: There is no restrictions on age and education, and it is also famous locally.
    It you can investigate on the spot according to your needs, don’t listen to partial faith!

  3. The T industry is very popular today, and its training institutions are also diverse. In Nanjing, there are many schools with good reputation, but it depends on the students’ personal needs, such as school qualifications, hardware equipment , Campus environment and teaching quality, teacher team, curriculum content, and employment service are cost -effective. Learning efficiency. The following introduces several IT training institutions with good reputation in Nanjing, I hope to help everyone.

    10,000 and IT education
    Jiangsu Wanhe Computer Training Center is Jiangsu Wanwa Education Institution, which involves employment courses (Python artificial intelligence, software testing, UI design, Java development , Web front -end, big data, etc.), certification courses (including Vue and Prometric, Cisco, Oracle, Redhat, HUAWEI, etc.) and online courses. Among them, the certification course, Wanhe is both the original authorized training center and its original authorized examination center. With the advantages of “integrated authorization of the test and training”, the comprehensive pass rate of Wanhe students is much higher than that of other peer institutions! The center now has more than 40 professional training rooms, including Huawei Network Labs, Cisco Laboratory, Cloud Computing Labs, Big Data Laboratory, Internet Laboratory, Oracle Laboratory, International Certification Examination Center, etc.
    It, from the perspective of teachers, Wanhe IT Education has more than 40 full -time senior lecturers and more than 20 curriculum research and development experts, with an average experience of more than 5 years. Technical certification and lecturer qualification certification (dual certificate to work).
    2 Chuanzhi Podcast — Dark Horse Programmer
    It Dark Horse Programmer is a professional IT high -end training brand under Chuanzhi Podcast. Relying on each other with Chuanzhi Podcasts and progressing together to achieve resource and experience sharing. However, the education model is different from the Chuanzhi Podcast and other training schools. The dark horse programmers adopt the integral system. Only the accumulation of points can be graduated. This feature ensures the quality of teaching and makes the level of graduate students generally better. Dark Horse Programmer is headquartered in Zhongguancun, and its resources and technical levels are guaranteed. More than ten branches have been opened across the country, focusing on “fine” instead of “quantity”. The main attack direction is Android system training, UI network marketing, etc. The level of enrollment students is high, suitable for basic trainees, and the crowd is narrow.
    3 Snail Java Training
    Snail Java training is created in a partnership from the IT training industry. Its courses include UI design, Java big data, web front -end, big data and AR/VR training. Their advantages are Java and Web front -end. The outsourcing demand for these two languages ​​is the largest. Teachers are very good in this place in Nanjing. The teaching results of practical training are not bad.

    4 Jiahua IT training
    Jiahua School has silently worked in the IT training gold hook for 12 years, and opened ACCP (software engineer), Benet (network engineer), BTEST (software testing Engineers), post -bachelor (for college students’ Java, .NET, Android software engineer training and online marketing engineer training), and courses for colleges and universities. The school’s management has done a good job. From the study of the students to the actual combat of the project to the employment, there are a complete set of standardized management models. This is because of this, the students of the Jiahua School are easy to find a job after graduation, and the salary of employment is compared High, it has a lot of influence in the field of IT education in China.

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  5. Many institutions in the market have appeared in the market. Although there are many types, the level is uneven. When choosing an IT training institution, you should pay attention to:
    1. Before the formal payment, whether there is a free trial time
    The trial for 1 week of Snail Academy can be tried for free. The reason why “free trial” is mentioned because not everyone is suitable for the IT industry. If you choose to do it because of interest, then it must be no problem, and maybe it will be more effective. Interest is the best teacher. You have your own feelings and love for this industry, so generally you can make beautiful results.
    2. Whether employment is guaranteed
    The courses of most training institutions are similar. The biggest difference is nothing more than two parts: teaching methods and employment services.
    It when registering for sign -in agreement, you must see detailed information such as employment guarantee, employment scope, etc., and how to solve the training institution if you fail to sign the time for the contract.
    3, employment first and then payment, what does it mean
    It must figure out the repayment method and repayment amount before signing the loan agreement, and consult regular banks and platforms. Essence
    4. Whether the training course meets market demand
    Is who really need to learn technology and want to develop in the IT industry, they will most care about the course. Snail Academy will be updated once in almost half a year. Because the technology of the IT industry is constantly updating. A responsible training institution, its curriculum system will definitely update iterative with the changes in the industry, and if you want to make every student employment smoothly and get a better salary, then whether the technical knowledge you granted can It is particularly important to keep up with corporate needs.
    It can learn about the snail school garden, and the JAVA full stack, Python test development, web front end, UI design, network security, provide free trial reading for one week, contract system to ensure employment, no employment retires, not satisfied at any time to retreat at any time , Dive the minimum employment salary.

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