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    It I believe that many fresh students who have participated in the autumn campus recruitment will notice a post -Guan Peisheng position.

    The post at first glance, it is quite powerful. At first glance, you know that it is a management position. However, there were more recruiters who later participated in, and gradually discovered that it seemed that there were Guan Peisheng’s post to provide fresh graduates to apply. It seems that this position has no gold content … n, what exactly is Guan Peisheng, this position is not worthy of our application?

    , what is Guan Peisheng?

    This is the abbreviation of management trainers. English is Trainee. Management trainers are a foreign term. It is a special project with the main goal of “training companies’ future leaders” in foreign companies.

    So we know that the position of Guan Peisheng originally originated in this foreign company, passed on to China, and developed in China. A project for corporate breeding talents.

    . Why is there the emergence of Guan Peisheng

    Is when cultivating management talents, it is hoped that although it is a management talent, we must also understand the grassroots tasks of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise has set up a management project, recruiting young potential employees, and studying from the grass -roots business department.

    In the inspection of which department that is suitable for employees in the company, whether the administrative department, the human department, or the financial department, the market department, to check the employee’s ability side through this rotation. Where is the point?

    The work is suitable for the work of which department, which department is cultivated in depth and retained as a management candidate reserve.

    three, how to apply for management

    Because Guan Peisheng is targeted at the cultivation of young people, when recruiting Talents, autumn recruitment every year is an excellent period for hiring Performance.

    Is when selecting Guan Peisheng, generally speaking. Will focus on these capabilities:

    1, career heart

    The pipe Peicheng’s entire training process is full of various challenges. People may be eliminated or given up by themselves, so a young man with a strong career, very strong, is the first choice of an enterprise.

    2, leadership capability

    Pei Pei to manage a team, excellent management capabilities, and the ability literacy that the company values.

    3, learning ability

    Due to the lack of fresh graduates in terms of work experience, the enterprise needs to pay a lot of energy during the training process. Birth can quickly adapt to various matters in the learning business, and you can grow quickly.

    4, expression and analysis capabilities

    because of the selection of management talents, then when selecting talents, the company will definitely require language expression ability. At the same time, in order to cope with the complex situation in various tasks in the future, the ability to analyze problems to solve problems also requires requirements.

    of course, the requirements for Guan Peisheng’s ability are far more than these points. Each company has a focus and increase in its actual situation. For example, some companies also require foreign language skills.

    four, how to choose Guan Peisheng

    The company likes to use group single -sided form to select talents when recruiting at school.

    During the group noodles, the discussion form of the non -leadership group can be comprehensively passed through a meeting discussion to examine the language expression ability, analysis ability, and leadership ability of each fresh graduate.

    In single -sided, then conduct detailed inspections for personal career planning and personality traits.

    five, which students are suitable for Guan Peisheng

    In the above analysis, in fact, you can also see that Guan Peisheng has some requirements for some personality traits. Naturally, you can try.

    The current Guan Peisheng projects are more. In terms of sales, fast -moving consumer goods, real estate industries, if you are interested in these industries, you can also fight for it.

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